How long was it before you stopped losing?

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I don't really consider myself a new player, but I just can't stop losing games. Mainly, I play MvC 2, and its so frustrating to lose to people who use low tier characters when you're using a top tier team. It's like it just shouldnt happen in MvC 2 ever. Sure, there are some people that I can beat, but it just seems for the most part that everybody I play with, including the ones that don't even use the top tier teams you would see at tourneys, just has my number. I don't know, I guess I just keep making really stupid mistakes or something. I would think its safe to say that the only time you should ever get hit is off some type of 50/50 mixup or the like that makes you guess which way to block. Maybe I just need to really improve my defense, because I keep getting hit by people that really aren't trying to hit me w/ elaborate mixups or the like.
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    No one ever stops losing. Not even the big shots you see at the big tournaments.

    my best advice would be just to play more. The more experience you gain, the better you become. It took me 2 months before I started getting decent on the most recent fighter I picked up; street fighter x tekken, I would get on every night after i finished class work, log in 2-4 hours with my friends in endless, call it a night. I would time to time watch high level play of the game I wanted to get better at and watch how they handled themselves and I would see what I am doing wrong.

    In a nutshell, train in the training room, play alot, watch better players. Most importantly, as cliche as it is, have fun. If it isn't fun there is no point to it. just remember; this game has been out for a decade and a half. People have been playing this for ages, expect to lose. take your mistakes and learn from them when you lose. 

    hopefully I somewaht helped.
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    You never, ever stop losing.

    Unless you are so much better than your competition that they aren't even competition anymore.

    And then you're not really playing anyway.
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    It's already been said, nobody ever "stops losing". And even then, you can say you lost, but ultimately it's a learning experience. It's not a TRUE loss if you learn from the match and you know what you did wrong, and work on fixing it. And also as it was said, have fun while you're playing. Having fun is the main reason you're playing anyway, so always make sure that it's your top priority. (Along with winning, of course. That goes without saying.)
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    I stop losing when I play 5 year olds. So if you want to only win play 5 year olds or younger.  Guaranteed wins son!

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    even 5 year olds can win now.....
    especially in FPS!

    since I do not spend that much time online anymore for fighters, plus I also use low tier characters and switched to arcade stick, winning in ranked now is harder than ever.
    I am more for endless battle to play sessions of a few games with people.

    In ranked matches people are too afraid to play openly, so they create a brick wall you have to brake. I hate that sort of play and it produces low quality gameplay.

    I prefer older and more open fighters. One reason I dont play SFIV and SFxTekken that much anymore.

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    If it's MvC2, it may take a while. As mentioned, most of the surviving players are hardened vets, so just keep expectations low if you're just starting out now. If you can get meaningful practice and versus sessions, you will get better in time.

    Hang in there, don't stop studying and improving if you can help it.
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    As said before, you never "stop losing".

    The better question would be, "When do you start winning?".
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    It took me a year before I was able to consistently win in mvc2. And that was after finding a mentor, reading a lot, watching videos, and playing a variety of players. Like everybody else has said, you will never stop losing.

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    Slick Vic wrote: »
    finding a mentor

    This helps so much. If you have access to a good local scene, you can almost always find someone better than you who's willing to teach you the finer points of the game. Not sure if it's possible for there to be a thriving local MvC2 scene anymore, but I suppose you can find someone to mentor you online as well.
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