Community Roster Vote for Kaiju Combat! March 4th - March 13th!

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Now that Kaiju Combat is under development, I thought it was time to make a thread where people could ask questions, and get updates.

Let's start with the roster - we have 16 original monster concept that have been developed with the help of the community. Full design specs on all charcters are online here:


And for those too busy to read, check out the gallery here:


Not all fan collaborations will be in the first release - we're holding our community roster vote from March 4th - March 13th. Official forum thread about it located here:


Today we also announced our second playable boss character for the game: Ikameijin!


Any questions?  Feel free to ask.  We try to keep our development totally transparent.  You can even review our financial statements, if you like.


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    Good stuff
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