The Rockefeller Appreciation Thread



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    Yes, he was recently a Retsupurae star. 
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    I'm tempted to make a DSP Sucks thread in GD but I think there's been a few threads made about him before that have been taken down. 
    It's all fun and games until the mods decide to keep it PC. 
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    Let's just say you don't just get guys to sell modded, DSP themed MadCatz SE FightSticks and then charge $400 while insulting every single builder in the FGC by calling them "customs" without repercussion from said builders. If the Tech Talk people don't really keep a "blacklist" if we did, DSP's name would be the only one in it.

    EDIT: Said "Custom" SEs are the reason Tech Talk decided to get together and build a real custom stick, raffle it off at EVO, and send the money (a cool $1500) to Japan to help the earthquake victims.
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    Did anyone by any chance saved original pre-thestream.tv shows? Like the one with Pyro.
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