Disable email reminders please!

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If I'm following a thread, I always get an email sent to me that "(Insert SRK Name) commented on (Insert thread name)". Those emails don't include an option to unsubscribe from the reminders. I prefer to just go to the forum and click on Notifications to see any new replies or comments to watched threads. I don't want my mailbox to be filled with those reminders. Will there be an option to disable this without unfollowing a thread?

Also, I don't seem to be getting "(Insert SRK poster name) liked your post" notification. Is it still working?
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    What? I want to ENABLE email reminders. None of the threads that I was previously subscribed to send me emails anymore :(
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    Edit Profile => Notification Preferences

    you're welcome.

    I also want a notification at the top for likes \ agrees.
  • Xr0s-upXr0s-up Objection Overruled! Joined: Posts: 125Registered
    I've done this and it still sends me emails :/

    plz fix srk
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