Marvel War of Heroes

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I don't know if people would be interested in this game, but am quite addicted to his game >.<

This is card game made by Mobage (If you played Rage of Bahamut, you will be familiar with the system). Give it a try, it is free!

Marvel War of Heroes - Android version

Marvel War of Heroes - iOS version

Use my referral code to get a Jean Grey card after finishing the tutorial: fkr612988

Hopefully many of you will try the game out!


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    This game is pretty addicting. I check my phone every hour or so for energy refills on some days.

    I made a Shoryuken alliance, but if you want to join, you have to be at least level 20. Afterwards, go to "player search" from the menu and enter CSword123.

    As soon as one or two players join, i'll start dumping my Storm capes :)

    EDIT: Also... plugging my referral code since I was too dumb to get my Jean Grey card the first time.
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