New ads are the worst.



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    :rofl: yeah, they're really hit or miss. Sometimes they try to sell me games, Netflix subscriptions, or herbal vaporizers (for aromatherapy, obviously!). All A-OK with me!

    Then sometimes they try to sell me women's clothing, or memberships to Curves gym. :eek:
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    Why are ads STILL unmuted by default?
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    yep, I have no problem with you guys having ads but man that M&M's song makes me want to murder puppies. run the video, fine, but i shouldnt have to hear that garbage just by looking up sagat frame data
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    Nice to see the shitty ads followed into the new servers.
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    rayplay said:

    Why are ads STILL unmuted by default?

    So many times this. I don't mind ads when they aren't intrusive. But, I'm pretty sure I've said this in this thread even. Ads that are loud as hell as soon as the page opens and these nonsense pop out ads that cover half the screen if my cursor goes to the top 1/3 of the screen are terrible.

    Seriously, is there nothing that can be done to tone this down? Is the only way to get paid by these ads is having them drown out my music and then cover up half the screen when I'm trying to read whatever is on the page?

    ...but what do I know?
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    just got redirected to a 'you have won!!' splash page after navigating to the forum index. please get in contact with your ad provider and deal with this bullshit, that's not cool :(
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    Exodus. wrote: »
    Seriously, is there nothing that can be done to tone this down?

    not unless you wanna front srk's bills

    welcome to 2013 bitches, this is how ad companies roll now
    and then i saw video three
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