So why are you playing as Hakan?



  • CaveKillaCaveKilla Joined: Posts: 116Registered
    If your dieing because ur not oiled and are just mashing buttons with out the right mindset and thought process behind matches then ur not playing Street Fighter. You're playing random fighter /quote from juicebox.

    I've beating many people unoiled before it all about knowing what your opponent is going to do next. How well you can read your opponent, and how well you can maneuver 1 frame link combos with Hakan. Master those combos unoiled and you'll be a great Hakan. He doesn't need to be oiled for everything and plus he still has some of the best vortex in the game unoiled.
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    best thing to do is to chase there ass down, make it seem like your trying to get in, they'll back down, then you put on the oil.
  • User_User_ Can't even block Joined: Posts: 21Registered
    3 words: pissing shotos off

    And they do get maaaaaaaaaaad
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