Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Matchmaking thread.



  • ReploidReploid Joined: Posts: 3Registered
    Hey everyone, I've been playing Marvel for a while now, I'd say I'm intermediate at worst, but there are just some supposedly super easy things I'm not getting around.

    Anybody up for some online training (I'm going to SuperVsBattle in a week)? I'm looking specifically for people within the UK, though- my internet should be fantastic by now, but some people still manage to lag :[

    GT: NocturNeru
  • BluemanderBluemander Joined: Posts: 12Registered
    Hey, just looking for some people to run some sets with whenever(most friends I talk/play with don't own it), looking for people in US. I'm probably an intermediate player looking to get some sets in online for SCR and get some casual online matches. Main team is Ammy/Frank/Wesker and run others as well, in case you'd want to know.

    Gamertage: SmashMaster34
    SSF4:AE: Ibuki and Ryu
    UMvC3: Team A [Ammy B/Frank A/Wesker B] Team B [Haggar A/Doom B/Wesker B]
    UMvC3: Troll Teams: [Chris B/Iron Man B/Cap. America Y] [Wright B/Dante A/Hawkeye A]
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