Hello SRK guys :-) new to fighting games, new to srk

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Hello guys,

Just wanted to introduce myself. RookieMaroK is my ps3 nickname aswell, I'm a 28 year old guy from mid europe and a big fan of fighting games. I played games all my life but only on the PC. This year in march i bought finally my ps3 because i was tired of boring PC games. I was always a fighting game fan but on PC there are no good games like Tekken, MvC etc. I picked up the SF4 version with the gamepad for the pc but it was just way unnatural for me to execute supers so i played the game on a keyboard :-)

However, i fell in love with the SF series and picked up for my ps3 SFxT, UMvC3, SSF4AE and even the SFiii3SOE. Ordered a round2 TE fighstick because i want to become more than a simple newbie playing vs CPU on easy all the time. The problem is, that i never ever used a stick and even after 2 months i just cant make any cancels, or intentional shoryukens when i see my enemy jumping at me etc, cant pull out fireballs anytime i want, cant make 2x quarter circle forward to make a super hadouken. Watched a couple of vids

I didnt liked the SFxT game, so i put it awaySF4 is ok but my love is just the third strike, i love old school games but i feel that inputs and moves are pretty harder to make in this game than in SF4. But i dont want to give up. Not to mention i cant parry properly, didnt finished Kens shoryuken parry training :( I'm here to ask for what should I do, should i go to training, or challanges or how to improve ? I did not beat the game even on the easiest mode, Gill always beat the hell out of me.

I watched a couple of vids about this, how to hold a stick, how to cancel, link how to super. I understand the game concept but i just cant pull out the moves, doesnt matter how I hold the stick the joystick is ok but it is very uncomfortable when it comes to quarter circles and such things. I find myself mash the arcade stick almost all the time :-(

I could use some help, advice and a training guide. What should be my 1st step to improve the moves, controls, which character is the easiest for newbies and such things. I like Ruy, Ken and Akuma :-)

Really dont want to throw games like this away even if I'm the worst fighting game player in the world, i would like to improve and i need you for that guys.

Thank you very much for all the anwers in advance.

btw : yes i have read some guides before posting this.


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    Hey, bro. Awesome to hear you're starting up fighting games and taking the plunge with one of the harder ones to get a grasp on. I can do most moves on command in SF4 but I struggle with 3S, it's not unusual.

    The best advice I can give is practice. You'll want to go in to training mode and depending on your attention span or time available to play you want to go and just do things like fireballs, shoryukens and tatsus over and over. Do it like 20-50 times on one side, go to the other side and do it again. Then move to the next move, etc etc. It's all about repetition for getting the specials, supers and combos down. Once you can do specials on command, try doing supers. One "trick" I've found that really helped me get supers down was to do the first QCF somewhat slow and then plow the second motion through as fast as I can. It's probably a mind over matter thing but it helped me clean up my motions a bit.

    Once you can do specials and supers pretty regularily then you can move on to fun stuff like combos. In 3S and other older SF games you have to do things like jump ins a lot later than in SF4. I mention this because it's good to get that timing down as well. There may not be a whole lot of times to dump a big jump in combo on someone but you don't want to miss the chance if it comes. Practice doing something simple like jumping roundhouse, crouching medium kick, fireball or SRK or tatsu. Really basic stuff but it will help you get the timing down.

    For more advanced techniques in 3S you'll want to be able to do crouching medium kick cancelled in to super and hit confirms (2 x crouching light kick) into super. These are your money makers in 3S as a lot of this game revolves around landing that super and playing footsies.

    Parrying is good to know but overusing it can let a person jump all over you in a different fashion. If they see you're fishing for parries all day they can just throw you or something of the sort. I'm not good at parries either but something to stay conscious of.

    Ken is a good character to start with as he has a lot of ways to land his super, has a great set of moves for anti air and amazing pokes; however, Akuma gives you more mix up opportunities what with the demon flip and air fireballs. I prefer him over Ken but I'm also a scrub so take that with a grain of salt. I don't really like Ryu as he doesn't seem to have the same options as either character but he can do some nasty stuff with his Denjin Hadoken as it is unblockable and parrying the whole thing can be hard even for strong players.

    As long as you're having fun bro you're making steps towards getting better. If you can even win a couple matches online you're doin pretty good. Most guys online with 3S have been playing for years and years. Keep at it and don't get discouraged! Welcome to the wonderful world of fighters. You'll come across nice dudes and mean dudes in this community but it's always worth sifting through the BS to find the cool guys.
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    Hi Adrian, thank you very much for the tips but 1st of all for the friendly response.

    I was testing the 3rd strike OE youtube upload feature, and here is my 1st video on youtube. Please note that this is my 2nd match online, ever. Please find 2 minutes and check it out, I know I'm doing wrong a couple of things but analize please

    And have fun :D
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    I'm honestly not very good at 3S but here is something I noticed right away. You seem to like to press buttons after being knocked down. Generally, it's best to block when you're waking up as if the other guy wants to attack you the have the advantage of being able to time an attack to hit you on the 1st or 2nd frames of your wake up (standing up). Unless you're going to gamble with a SRK then it's best to block at first, wait for a time to back dash out or mash out a block string and create some distance.

    You'll need to start developing a ground game or footsies as we uber geeks call it. I saw a lot of jump ins. Jumping in isn't necessarily bad but against a player with strong anti-airs you will get punished hard for it. It's best to make the other guy think you want to play a ground based game and then jump after knocking them down (cross up preferably) or jump at a fairly "random" time. Sweeps are okay in this game but if they get blocked its generally pretty easy to punish them. Use more of your cMK. You can do fun things if this lands (or is blocked even!) like cMK, LK Tatsu, SRK.... cMK, Demon Flip.... cMK, Super.

    You scored some good sweeps in there but then jumped away from Yun. You need to follow up on this. When you knock someone down its your chance to turn on the pain. Do a deep cross up or just dash up to him and hit him as soon as he gets up (preferably on the 1st or 2nd frames as I mentioned above) Pressure him. Make him scared of what you can do to him. This is where the whole mix up game comes into play. It's a little different for each character but essentially you want the other guy to know that an attack is certainly coming... but which one? Some really basic ones you can try are things like.... cLK, cLK, throw. cLK, cLP, cLK, Demon Flip. cLK, cLK, UOH (universal overhead). Just some really basic stuff. You'll develop more as you get used to playing your character.

    To summarize I guess you could say less jump ins, stay on the ground and poke at him with your cMK and sometimes cHK, block when you get knocked down or teleport away (not every time though!!!)
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    Thank you for the response. I will follow my gameplay and watch for jumps, i will try to do less jumps and more cmk and foot based gamestyle. However, I'm not used to the phrases on this forums and for example i really dont know what is a sweep, cross up, deep cross up, universal overhead. I dont know how to demon flip and the most terrible thing is, i dont know how to throw and how to defend against a throw :-(

    ANd again thx very much for the analyze ! Will try to improve tonight when i get home from work.
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    Sorry for all the jargon bro...

    throw... press LP and LK at the same time. You'll see your character extend his hands to grab the opponent

    throw defense aka throw teching aka teching.... press LP and LK at the same time just as your opponent grabs you. Takes a lot of practice to defend reliably

    universal overhead.... press MP and MK at the same time. You'll see your character do a small hop and a punch that looks like a superman punch from MMA. This is a good move because they must block this move standing, cannot be blocked crouching AND you will jump overtop of their counter pokes like cMK or cHK from guys like Akuma, Ken and Ryu

    sweep... crouching HK

    cross up... when you do a jumping attack that hits the opponent from the opposite side you started on forcing them to block "backwards" For example, you are on P1 side and your opponent P2 side. A cross up will have you land on the P2 side rather than P1 side that you started on and your opponent has to press backwards to block as though he had been on P1 side the whole time. I hope that makes sense. If it helps, it makes the opponent press forward rather than backwards to block a jump in like they normally would. A deep jump in or cross up is one where your attack hits the opponent really low like at his abdomen or even lower.

    Demon flip.... f, d, df+K. It's like a SRK but with kick instead.
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    Few things from watching that match. I'm a 3S player and an Akuma player...

    First is as it was said - you hit buttons when you come up. Don't do anything. Just block when you rise. You play patient enough and don't jump a lot, which are very good things. Jump more when you get better at parrying.

    Akuma is a mixup character, and you don't do his flips and air fireballs. That defeats the purpose of using him. I suggest switching to Ken, as you have higher priority and better ground games. You got a lucky SGS as well, but don't rely on that sort of tactic. If I were that Yun, I would have just jumped when I rose up and you would have gone right under me.

    There's no real "deep" crossups with Akuma, but there are demon flip side mixups. So you can hit them down and do a demon flip very close to where they are to rise, so this way when they rise, you can appear on either side. It's a very ambiguous thing, but it exists in both this game and SF4 - if you watch infiltration's Akuma in SF4, you'll see the same thing, likewise with Kuroda's Akuma in 3S.
    You're going to have to learn to demon flip empty, which means cancel it with a kick as late as possible. It's a hard tactic to take advantage of, but it's extremely useful.

    I wouldn't recommend playing footsies with Akuma's c.mk a lot. You can do it with Ken, but Akuma's is a tad slower. You'll have better luck with c.lk and c.mp, and even more so with a close s.mk than with his c.lk. He's not as footsies dependent as Ken is and can't as easily hit confirm off of it, so don't put too much emphasis on it - but as said, use it. It's still a good tool, just don't focus entirely on it.

    Another thing - you hit a LOT of HP and HK attacks. Don't. His other tools are more useful, and while his sweep and s.hp are important and have their function, they're not going to win you matches. Your best thing to start with I think is to learn to poke with c.mp, c.lk, and close s.mk on wakeup as it stuffs reversals.

    The third round had a lot of mistakes, but that's mostly because of the Yun matchup. If you're not 100% familiar with fighting Yuns, basic things like what he did will throw you off so don't look at that blow up that badly. It happens.

    Those are just a few tips. You can feel free to add me for some matches. I can't say we'll have a good connection, but we can play and try.

    I'm pretty bad at the game overall, but I can do stuff:
    EDIT: Oops, put the wrong match up at first.
    Here's the correct one.
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    Hey bro, thanks for stepping in to give him a hand. I rarely play 3S and totally suck at it, hahaha. Take this dude's advice on Akuma specific stuff, he likely knows better than I do.
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    Notes on that video that I showed up: I was doing a lot of c.lk, c.lk, dash up throw stuff - That's good, but the player obviously caught on quick.
    With Akuma, his air tatsu is very hard to defend against or beat, which is why a good Makoto player wouldn't normally jump a lot against Akuma, but that one didn't know that.
    I didn't hit-confirm that c.mk - I knew he was going to hit a button due to his patterns and decided to intercept with that, because the c.mk is faster than the super by itself.
    Most times, when I fight a Makoto player, it looks like this:

    Only I know I made a lot of execution errors. I don't remember this match particularly, but I think we had some lag, causing me to, for example, miss my air fireball in the beginning and not have the c.mk input before that first SA1 attempt.
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