Question about hitbox, and a question about PS3 fighters

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I'm getting a PS3 this holiday and I wanted to get a good fighter to keep me busy on it while I recoup the loss of my money lol
I played SSFIVAE way too much on the pc, I realize this is the most popular fighter for the PS3 but I was wondering besides SSFIVAE and MvC, which other fighters are out there that are active and popular right now?

I mostly used keyboard to control my characters on ssfivae, with a mapping like this:
asd < v > space = jump then I had on the numpad: numlock, /, *, lp mp hp, - as special, 7 8 9, lk mk hk, and + as special
if you see what it's like it's basically the same way the hitbox is setup.

I was wondering if I should get an arcade stick down the road but I realized they had this thing called a "hitbox" out now and I was like wait that's just like a keyboard setup. So now I'm wondering maybe I should just stick with the keyboard........ lol I wasn't that great in ssfivae but I was able to move pretty freely with the keyboard the only thing I had trouble with is the spinning motions, I always thought if I got an arcade stick it'd be alot easier. eh I have no idea what I'm asking here anymore actually I'll jsut throw this question out there. What do you guys think about a hitbox vs a keyboard? Do you think a keyboard is just as good about? Is a hitbox really worth 150$? Should I attempt to learn a stick or stick (pun) with what I know?


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    For Popular fighters right now. the largest are Marvel vs Capcom3, Street Fighter IV, and Tekken.

    Get a hitbox. it was designed from a keyboard player and as a user that has built and used many hitboxes. I prefer them over just a keyboard.
    and as for an actual joystick...
    Control pad, Joystick, Hitbox its all about what is more comfortable for you.
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    A traditional fightstick will always be the "easiest" to learn, because every fighter was built with that control scheme in mind first. This isn't to say you can't do well with a Hitbox or a Controller. If you already understand the basics of fighting games, you can do FADC xx Ultra, possibly understand the trickier links, then sure get a Hitbox.

    If you still have problems reliably dashing, or you don't quite connect with your BnB 100% of the time, I'd lean more toward getting a real fightstick.
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