Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4



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    wow thanks from watching some i am learning from before!! those tips on using the super meter are just so helpful! now i know to never try to over do it! this really helps! i will watch them over again and again!!
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    TBirdSF4 Thanks a lot for the great videos and information. I have been struggling in general with the game combo/chain/links/cancel on the trials since I have not hit the online experience yet.

    I bought the game on monday and I already have around 15 trials on each character and I've finished the arcade with every character so I have some slight sense on the basics but this summary is extremely helpful to step up the game :)
  • Xr0s-upXr0s-up Objection Overruled! Joined: Posts: 125Registered
    This compilation seems really useful. I've only seen one but it's really helpful. Many thanks to you guys and to eltrouble who linked me here
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