Wave's Ultimate Meowvels vs Catcoms

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hihi everyone :) I wish I had more to contribute to the Fighting game community besides silly drawings... i think some people have seen them already XD Hope it brings a smile to people's faces at least :)


I might do Spencer and BIONIC PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAW next...

anyway, here's the older pictures XD



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    These are adorable lol. Love the sentinel piece!
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    I love you and your cats.
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    Cat Sentinel + Drones are really great! :)
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    Lol, I love these. I always welcome the spread of cats being relevant in everything. :clapdos:
    But uh, just wanted to point out Felicia already has a cat form.... >_>
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    Those sentinel cats are makin' me salty! HYPER KITTY CAT FORCE! ( I watch you on tumblr btw )
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    Those sentinel cats are makin' me satly! HYPER KITTY CAT FORCE! ( I watch you on tumblr btw )

    Yeah, Sentinel is top tier even as a cat.
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    super late thank you guys for all your likes!! :) this isn't really MVC3 related-- but it's more Meowvel Kitties! (I guess all the characters are in the games though, except Widow :D )

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    This is the greatest thing ever...
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