Help Request : Cant buy Costume Pack for SSFIV:AE

Niten DorakuNiten Doraku Messatsu!Joined: Posts: 3Registered
Nowhere to be found , only pack that exists for purchace is the Complete Alternative Costume Pack for SSFI (Vannila) ..
SSFIV doesnt even exist in marketplace and as for SSFIV:AE , only the game itself and a free trailer of the game...
Also checked the official xbox website , same things goes for there...

Help much appreciated.


  • DarkSephirothDarkSephiroth I am not human! Joined: Posts: 40Registered
    You tried buying them straight from the games main menu -> downloadable content section?
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  • Niten DorakuNiten Doraku Messatsu! Joined: Posts: 3Registered
    From games main menu -> dc section there is the following

    Super Street Fighter IV
    Purchase Game

    Super Street Fighter IV : Arcade Edition
    empty ( couldnt find contest at this time)
  • ugo_2uugo_2u Joined: Posts: 2,343Registered
    reset your game, reboot and go to live market place on the main menu. you should see your costumes
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  • Niten DorakuNiten Doraku Messatsu! Joined: Posts: 3Registered
    How do i reset my game? I cleared xbox cache if thats what u ment..other than that i havent installed game on xbox + i ve tried that multiple times while rebooting console itself.
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