Which Street Fighter Alpha game is your favorite?



  • Red LotusRed Lotus Unique like everyone else Joined: Posts: 409Registered
    Street Fighter Alpha 2.
  • saiferothsaiferoth Joined: Posts: 237Registered
    i have fond memories of A2 on SNES (yeah i know, they must be really fond lol)
    A3 i never really got into because of the presentation and the A-ISM combos turned me off completely
    But yeah A2 had awesome music, awesome stages, and just slick presentation overall. A1 and A3 stages and music were really meh to me.

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  • Green Ice DragonGreen Ice Dragon Joined: Posts: 52Registered
    I have to go with a3 on the psone. The game just felt easier to comprehend for me
  • Doktor42Doktor42 Joined: Posts: 78Registered
    A1, but only because it's the only one I've been able to play (There's a SF Alpha 1 arcade machine at a movie theater 5 mins away.)
  • SesshaZLSesshaZL 春麗 豪鬼 Joined: Posts: 909Registered

    altho screwing around in a3 with Karin is fun too...
    50/50 post Hyoukusen mixup is dirty!!
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  • AntaBakaAntaBaka Saikyo Practitionor Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    Alpha 3 hands down... but I learned how to play fighting games through Alpha 2 so... err.. Crap! What a contridiction. And being jumped by Dan before fighting Akuma in A2 was quite a memory.
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  • CI581CI581 Joined: Posts: 3,241Registered
    Alpha 2 for me. I even imported Zero 2. :-)
  • slugnastyslugnasty Joined: Posts: 6Registered
    Really hard to choose between A2 and A3 for me but I guess I gotta give the edge to A2. But then again that's probably because I've played more A2. I think if I had more chances to play A3 with friends it would get the clear edge.
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  • J.ScogzJ.Scogz Bye Joined: Posts: 2,378Registered
    I like gold just because it's hilarious.
    I never felt any Alpha game was competitive enough to warrant seriousness.
    It's been real.
  • philcitophilcito The Berserker Shoto Joined: Posts: 1,149Registered
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  • CauptainCauptain Once Again Legend Joined: Posts: 22Registered
    ALPHA 2 for men

    ALPHA 3 for kids

  • SRWPyritSRWPyrit ↻ + LP+LK Joined: Posts: 1,479Registered
    Alpha 2
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  • Drizzle BubbleDrizzle Bubble FADC TAUNT Joined: Posts: 492Registered
    Alpha 2.

    I just had the most fun with it. I don't really know why though.
  • The_RealistThe_Realist The Ruler Joined: Posts: 13Registered
    All of them has there good and bad. I would go with Hyper Alpha because it has all of them. Its pretty broken, but all of them are pretty broken itself.

    Alpha 1 has Guy that can dizzy combo.

    Alpha 2 has crazy CC and I know it can get crazy with Ken.

    Alpha 3 has crazy CC with a lot of characters, especially Karin.
    Go to 1:06 = Karin

    I would like to see a remake of A3 with better stuff. I think a lot of people would like that.
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  • SquaredSquared Joined: Posts: 253Registered
    a2 for noobs but a3 for top level players
    ALPHA 2 for men

    ALPHA 3 for kids


    battle royale perhaps?
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  • EcKo Zero CoolEcKo Zero Cool lolz Joined: Posts: 802Registered
    i cant choose :(
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  • SeegeeSeegee Joined: Posts: 6Registered
    I can't set a firm answer. A2 had the better polish visually, but A3 had better balance and mechanics. Arcade versions in all cases.

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  • SF-Zero2SF-Zero2 Pronounced AlphaZero Joined: Posts: 1,373Registered
    I can't remember.
  • AquasharkAquashark Mekong Delta AirRaid Joined: Posts: 1,256Registered
    but A3 had better balance and mechanics.
    like overpowered V-ISM and infinites?
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  • jamiejame911jamiejame911 Ever learning Joined: Posts: 411Registered
    I have come to appreciate Alpha 3 more as time has gone by, but 2 is still tops. Alpha 2 with a few of Alpha 3's characters and upgraded movesets would be a true finale for the series!
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  • StarzkynHutchStarzkynHutch Iron Monkey Joined: Posts: 31Registered
    A3 Juni & Juli ftw
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