#Alpha2 on Efnet. Match Making.

booty clapperbooty clapper GrrrrrrJoined: Posts: 1,746Registered
Come join the channel for match making on Efnet! GGPO, Supercade. All skill levels. Good games! =D
#SNKPlaymore & #Alpha2 on efnet


  • KinetiKKinetiK XBL: KinetiK001 Joined: Posts: 854Registered
    I support this.
    A severed foot is the perfect stocking stuffer.
  • ffffffffffffff Joined: Posts: 91Registered
    All skill levels, you say? I may pop in.
  • SeanxFaytSeanxFayt aka KintoUn Joined: Posts: 560Registered
    Ohhhh! Time to download mIRC :tup:
    . . .
  • booty clapperbooty clapper Grrrrrr Joined: Posts: 1,746Registered
    It would be wise to actually ask for matches instead of idling in the channel.
    #SNKPlaymore & #Alpha2 on efnet
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