How do I get out of the corner and stop being pressured with Karin?

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I think I'm able to post SFA3 questions in this thread so here it goes. I have tremendous amounts of trouble getting out of the corner with Karin. I also have trouble getting out of pressure. It's like she has no moves to use to help her. I've only seen barely decent results with cr. mk. But cr.lk,cr.mk,cr.hk,and cr.lp are of no help. Please help.
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    Getting out of the corner is hard with anyone. Just pay attention to their attack ranges and how much time they've got to actually stick shit out and block/counter poke accordingly. If properly timed, jumping backward is very helpful for safely avoiding certain set-ups in the corner and getting some breathing room.

    Karin's corner pressure is one of the best in the game, so if you can land a backthrow as well, you can turn the momentum in your favor big time.
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    • "Walking": Karin's walking is one of the fastest in the game. So very often you can focus on when the opponent is gonna jump forward, you walk under. Then you can either throw or cr lk into rekka, putting your opponent in the corner instead. PS: walking under opponent's jumping is one of Karin's most powerful skill, especially when in the corner or being crossed up.
    • "cr mk": Karin's cr mk is relatively fast and has good range.
    • "Rekka": Use it as reversal if you are good at timing and execution. Or use it in between attack strings to push the opponent away. But for opponents who like to pressure with lower attack, rekka will be hit, so be careful when using this. PS: Pushing away is Rekka's value as important as attacking. This is especially useful when against gief, since once gief put your character in the corner, you are in big time trouble.
    • "mp": Karin's standing mp has high priority and comes out fast, but doesn't reach out far. So in between opponent's attack strings, you can walk forward a little and mp, it'll either counter hit opponent's next attack string, or push him away if blocked. Can cancel to rekka to push away further.
    • "cr lp": if the opponent is very close to avoid option throw. Can do lp*2 to confirm blocking, then cancel to rekka to push away.
    • Jump straight hk > mk > rekka. Also for pushing away. Also since jhk has a good range, it can threaten opponent not to come too far when you are jumping. But this is only good for pushing away if the opponent likes to stay very close at corner. If the opponent is good at spacing, this move will cause some trouble if the jhk is whiffed.
    • Last resort, suicidal-jumping forward early mk. Only occasionally when you really run out of options and patience, sometimes this move might have unexpected effect. This works if the opponent likes to jump forward or attack very close. jmk is really good at hitting forward, by pressing mk early during the jump, it can push away or counter hit the jumping opponent, or jump away if the opponent is on the ground trying to get close to the corner. If the opponent keeps a distance and stay on the ground, you can be easily anti-aired or be thrown back the corner from you back when you land. So don't abuse it.
    • If you use V-ism, then it's much easier. Just start OC with rekka during an attack string.

    some character-specific escaping stratagy:
    • gief: gief most powerful pressure move when close is jumping down+k (chest attack). So gief players tend to use that a lot especially in corner. But Karin's cr hp is very good for countering this move or at least trade to hit gief away. So wait for your chance when gief jumps, and feel free to cr hp him away.
    • cody: stay on the ground is much better than jumping, since in between attack strings cody usually keep a distance and ready to anti-air. use footies, standing mp, cr lk, or rekka to try push him away.
    • charlie: charlie attack strings are usually really long and also tricky since the moves don't seem to connect. So patience is really important while blocking in corner. But Charlies jumping is really slow, so wait until he jumps to walk under. Careful about your guard meter tho.
    • I find akuma ryu to be hard since they have forward+mk to move forward (so they don't need to jump forward) and hit you if you are crouching blocking. If they mix up with lower attack well, they can keep you in an endless guessing game. Anybody has any opinion on this?
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