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  • Unknown Joined:
    I'm based in Birmingham, UK. Play as Ryu.

    Always up for a game with anybody. GamerTag AzAuYeung
  • KilivanKilivan Joined: Posts: 21Registered

    XBL GT: Kilivan
    Location: Paris / France
    Characters: Zangief
    BP: 7k
  • brillojoebrillojoe Joined: Posts: 7Registered
    gamertag= brillojoe

    blanka/balrog player hovering around the 5.1k BP area (not that it means a whole lot)

    add me up i always wanna practice
  • MelubasMelubas Joined: Posts: 219Registered
    Was thinking about starting a thread like this, then i noticed there already was one ^^

    Gamertag: Melubas

    I pretty much only play Claw.

    My highest BP was 7800 before i stopped playing ranked. Player matches are just more fun.
    Playing Vega, Gen and T. Hawk.
  • dn3000dn3000 Joined: Posts: 1,982Registered
    GT on teh left
    Check out my youtube channel guys! http://www.youtube.com/user/dn3000
  • Unknown Joined:
    Yo, I'm from London, have a good sense of humour, like walking, reading and going to the cinema. Looking for someone to play with and maybe more.
  • Unknown Joined:
    From the Uk, up for a game with anyone

    I usually play as Sim, Viper, Sakura and Dictator and am experimenting with Gouken
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