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    I'm eagerly awating the patch that means I won't play Ken/Akuma/Ryu online :P

    Its a shame that 3/4 of them wiff thier ultra's....
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    when is this patch coming out???
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    same here wit me....but i cant complain because ken is my fav player!!! i love doin ken vs ken matches lol
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    free damage on fierce srk :/
    I play anything old.
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    I play Gouken online or Sagat. So 99.9% of people play Ken or Ryu.
    I know when Im going to play someone good, cause they pick someone else.
    Low tier is great.
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    Still shoto-fest, but not as many Kens at all. Like, I've fought wuite a few more Sakuras, a few more Sagats, no more Goukens, more Akumas, a bunch more Ryus and every now and then, a Cammy or Chun sprinkled in.

    AND VIPER. I've fought MORE VIPERS. All have lost to mine, though.
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    I like after you choose they bluff ken and go ryu

    haha, yeah. same here.
    As if they were gonna play either of them any different
    I play anything old.
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    Yea I play tons of kens so far only at 1700 BP, managed to get a damn Bison in. I love it when the hordes of kens do the ultra dance * crouch up crouch up fierce, while trying to do their ultra* I stand back and watch half the time.
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    well these are all the characters people would pick and spam with
    ryu,ken,zangief,sagat,chun li,rufus,el fuerte(hate this guy)balrog turn punch and dash punch all day,e honda blanka
    I block better in Marvel than i do in Streetfighter :(

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    I honestly thought people were kidding when they said Ken was popular, but god damn.

    I play a Ryu and I don't try to hide it at all. I pick him, alt black, and go. They shuffle around quietly, then head straight for Ken like they're on a mission.

    Typical match is jump in RH, c.RH. Jump back, see what I do, repeat. How do you punish ANYTHING ? c.RH. You manage to actually FA ? c.RH. I miss a SRK ? c.RH.
    They should remove c.RH from Ken's attacks, and 99% of them would drop.

    Honestly, all anyone needs to learn in this game is FA jump RH, run up and block for wake up SRK, and wait for the misc. Ultra after they took enough beatings. :woot: 90% win record online.
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    Honestly, all anyone needs to learn in this game is FA jump RH, run up and block for wake up SRK, and wait for the misc. Ultra after they took enough beatings. :woot: 90% win record online.

    Haha, I feel the same way against every Ken I come across. I play Abel and am able to beat these random Kens senseless, but at 20% of their life, it's the same result: instant disconnection. Big surprise.:rofl:

    I :lovin: random plug-pulling Kens.
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    stop fucking whining.

    Soul Calibur 4 = Kiliks
    Street Fighter 4 = Kens

    So what?

    When SC4 came out, I do remember a thread at caliburforum, that was exactly like this, but with kilik. At least i have a ton of practice vs scrubby kens.
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    If you get 'em dizzy on round 3 with about one move left on their bar, don't go for a big combo--just taunt. I'd lay even odds that the guy d/c's before you finish him off.
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    It's Akuma, Akuma, Akuma, Ken, Ryu, Ryu, Ryu, Ryu, Ken, Ken actually. These are the 3 characters I meet almost 90% of the time I play online. It kinda sucks...:sad:
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    Probably 90% of the people I fight randomly online are Ken users.

    It's great though, because I love just being in their face and blocking the wake up SRK, then throwing them back down and repeating. It's so satisfying to frustrate a retarded Ken user.
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    My first match on SF4 online was surprisingly an E. Honda. Which I beat with my El Fuerte where as he repicked ryu alt black. Once I beat his Ryu it was right back to square 1 with Ken. I even went to lengths of beating him with Vega and Guile. Just to prove he was horrible. He Dc'd once he lost to Vega. Sigh... scrubs not knowing how to block crossups are way to easy with vega....
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    I'm new to this site, but I have been playing Sf games for more than 15 years now, and I can say that SF4 online is getting lame, nothing but Ken,Ryu and Akuma players. I have yet to play against some that has used Dhalsim, or M.bison,but have played against at least 90 different Ken players. Which makes me think, why did they even go out of their way to make other characters if no one like to use them?
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    I don't have a problem with fighting Ken. I DO, however, have a problem with flowchart Kens. 95 percent of Ken users are flowchart players and complain when they lose. That's the only reason why I'm starting to dislike the fact that 90 percent of my online experience is with Ken. You have no idea of how excited I got when I fought someone who picked Dhalsim.... and I lost!
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    I see nothing but Ken players online, mostly guys who just stand in the corner doing nothing but hadouken again and again. They like to wait for you to pick first, then they just stroll right over to Ken/Sagat to make it look like they're using him as a counter to your player or something.
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    I am a terrible stat whore, so I keep track of a lot of information. Wins/Losses, characters selected, if they chose their character first, if they disconnected, etc. I've played around 600 matches so far. I've still never seen anyone over 5,000 bp. Also, I play at a gaming center, so depending on if I get the same console as the day before or not, determines what my bp is. I usually have to start everyday over at zero again. Also have to unlock any characters if I want to play with them, which pretty much limits me from playing Seth, Akuma or Gouken since it's too time consuming and if I'm paying for time, I don't want to spend it beating up on the A.I.

    I have played against Ryu the most with Ken second and Akuma third. There's still some characters (Gouken, Rufus, Gen) that I've never played against and some (Fei Long, E. Honda & Seth) that I've only played against once. That's in ~600 matches. I've had more double KO's than I've had games against certain characters!

    I've actually played against more Dictators and Blankas than I have Sagats.
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    *shrug* let people play ken. I don't see anything wrong with that. And if the do srk over and over again, it's a free win for you.

    I don't personally play ken. i just don't get the hate on ken players.
    It's all good. It's all about good games, good times, and good people.
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    i agree wit u mango but it is kinda ridiculous how many ken players there is...i play ken but i main balrog jus for da simple fact everybody plays him...im tired of ken vs ken matches lol
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    Ken is fucking awesome, and has been for the 18 years that I have been playing him. However... I, too, have grown tired of the Ken vs Ken online experience, and have been playing Sagat a lot more. I would be a lot more diverse, but I just don't like playing charge characters.
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    Amazing story, right here.

    Yesterday was just like any other day - get home, eat some pizza, and play some Street Fighter IV. I head over to arcade mode and wait for an opponent. After a couple of seconds, I find one. I rush over to Chun-Li as I normally do, and they move around the character selection screen for 25 seconds. I'm thinking, "oh gee, here comes another Ken." But to my amazement, they selected Cammy. Woah! The next fight, my opponent selects Blanka, next fight Zangief, fight after that, Dhalsim. What the hell is going on?! What a crazy gaming session that was.
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    Honestly guys, you gotta acknowledge that a lot of these players are new to the SF series. When people post on these boards asking for the best way to get into the game and/or easiest character to learn the game with, EVERYONE without exception suggests Ken/Ryu. You really cannot be surprised when encountering so many shoto scrubs... I guess the fact that both of these characters have been SF's greatest iconic characters helps too.
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    It's probably because they've used him before and overall, he is a great character. Oh and for Ryu, usually when someone picks Ryu I get owned by them lol.
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