-- Austin, TX Tournament February 23 (CvS2/GGAC/3S/HnK/MvC2) --



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    gg 2v2

    1-r0b0t (sol)/kensou (chipp)
    2-poon (may)/crimsondisaster (slayer)
    3-bigbryan (pot)/(a.b.a.)
    4-oklahoma people (baiken)/(faust)
    5+- bitches


    1- god (dudley)
    2- rdn (ken)
    3- (makoto)
    4+- bitches + chrisdat
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    Man, that was fun. Although tiring. 6 hour drive with no sleep made for a really tired me at the tourny, shit, I am just about to go to bed right now, finally get some sleep.

    Good games everyone.
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    i think pozer will post it up soon. all i know was there were a good amount of people playing each. 3s. 28, ggac, 22, mvc2 25. cvs2, 18?

    well i have vids of ggac team gf, mvc2 winners final and random matches and mm.
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    i know Musker's Kryptonite... Muhahahah!!

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    nike dunk

    how much about a nike dunk ??every one know??
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