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  • ZerokaiserZerokaiser Taigah! Joined: Posts: 49Registered
    SICK! wallpapers bro, just amazing...

    is there any photoshop tutorials in your webpage???, i want to learn how to vectorize :S

    you have to do this with mvc3 when the game come out.
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  • DroDro keeping away like a boss Joined: Posts: 492Registered
    amazing bro! im using ryu
  • MaybeMemoriesMaybeMemories Anti-Girl Joined: Posts: 751Registered
    Hey Logix ,
    Great work, im a designer myself and i dont mean to replicate or copy your work but im intrigued on how you did the color effects, i.e for the first Ryu poster, there is nice bursts of red and at some points its bright and shiny.

    any chance of sharing the psd or even a mock up psd with just the color effect?

    thanks a million
    and great work
  • TebenTeben Joined: Posts: 88Registered
    Wow man, these are awesome.

    Like art? Commissions are wide open, check the links above for examples!
  • sajjsajj Joined: Posts: 49Registered
    message deleted
  • sajjsajj Joined: Posts: 49Registered
    man these are very sick! props

    a request tho, i was hoping you could catch one of ken doing a jump back fierce kick instead of a shoryuken. something along the lines of this, but more of a sfiv artstyle

    Ken street fighter 4 image by kandoken on Photobucket

    appreciate it!
  • KenVKenV Joined: Posts: 80Registered
    Wow.. I'm using the Ibuki one, but all of these wallpapers are amazing. Amazing work
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  • acllaimacllaim Joined: Posts: 987Registered
    I really like the Seth one, but "Tanden" is supposed to be "Tandem." Is there anyway that can be fixed?
  • Mr ListMr List Lord of the Scrubs Joined: Posts: 1,388Registered
    no, it is supposed to be tanden.
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    Let's fighting love!
  • acllaimacllaim Joined: Posts: 987Registered
    no, it is supposed to be tanden.

    I stand corrected. You'd be amazed at how many places have it listed as Tandem.
  • LogixLogix Joined: Posts: 251Registered
    Sorry haven't posted in a while
    first off think you so much for the kind words i appreciate it i will be sure to drop more art soon, who ever would like to use these for what ever they like go ahead thats no problem.

    Im in the works in doing a tutorial for the people asking how its done :)
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  • icheadichead Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    So great!!

    I love these wallpapers. Thanks a lot..!!
  • Master ChibiMaster Chibi .: Dynamites! :. Joined: Posts: 14,913Registered, Moderators
    The Cody one I hadn't seen previously.

    That's easily the best of the bunch, haha.
  • FatboielmoFatboielmo Joined: Posts: 233Registered
    Hey man think you can take the blanka and add less color kinda like the hakan one....
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  • psychopiratepsychopirate Blanka Warrior Joined: Posts: 84Registered
    Yes de-saturate the Blanka wallpaper. It'll look better. Thanks.
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  • mrnick2dmrnick2d Machoist Joined: Posts: 26Registered
    Thanks for uploading these. I made a Makoto stick using this!
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  • kerano1kerano1 KYLEDEKYLE Joined: Posts: 181Registered
    =) These are great, I've used the Dhalsim & Akuma 1s as wallpapers on different computers.
    Yoooo Dhalsim
  • Ikkiryu87Ikkiryu87 Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    Thank-you very much for de wallpapers, i love of Dudley
  • CI581CI581 Joined: Posts: 3,241Registered
    nice work! XD
  • shingouki12shingouki12 2-TIME! I ain't Dumb Joined: Posts: 105Registered
    these are so cool
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  • AKUMA2000AKUMA2000 RAGING DEMON DISTRIBUTOR Joined: Posts: 1,026Registered, Premium
    Very cool wallpapers, good work man.

    Please make an akuma wallpaper for the ultra raging demon, much appreciated.
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