What controller do you guys use to play this game? I dont get this game :(

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I want to use the wiimote and nunchuk but it automatically sets it to "easy mode" when you use it...even when you turn it off it puts it back on (so you just press forward and 1 button for fireball, forward and 2 buttons for super ect)

What do you guys use because obviously this wont be allowed in tournament play?...I read the begginers guide and it says there are 4 buttons? I thought this was a 3 button game? It says...

A = Light Attack
B = Medium Attack
C = Hard Attack
D = Partner

There is no D button on any wii controls...theres a Z. Anyway its got all 4 buttons so i dont know why you cant use the wiimote and chuk with normal commands (qcf motions ect). Im not spending alot of money on an arcade stick for one game.

Also I was looking forward to this on the big screen but the GFX are so bad...theres no way this is gonna be playable on anything bigger than a 21 inch tv screen. The screen seems very dull aswell theres no way to turn brightness up apart from on your main tv but then you have to change it back when playing other games? Weird. Does the "HD" lead for the wii make a big difference because its alot of money to spend on a lead if it isnt goig to make a hell of alot of difference.

Other than that im enjoying it...its not too fast like marvel and its not too slow either...the combos look really sweet and its easy to pick up and play...i just dont want to get to use to these controls then have to change.
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    I use the Exar stick.

    IMO the Classic controller is the minimum you should be using to play this game.
    And yes, getting component cables will go a long way towards making the game not look like shit on HD displays.
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    I have a Japanese Wii white gamecube controller (10 ft. Cord) which I bought for brawl. Gamecube controller is the controller to buy if you don't wanna drop cash on a fightstick for the Wii. I find it better for fighters and a lot more comfortable vs the PS3/360 standard controllers. I like the location of the stick n the grip on the controller compared to the others. They run about $25-30 and can be used for Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Kart Wii, Gamecube, and Virtual console games.

    Also there's a classic controller pro that is coming out in April in the US. Note that classic controllers cannot play gamecube games.

    I'm planning on getting a TVC fightstick.
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    I use the gamecube controller and it plays fine. I also played ony my friends new TVC stick for Wii and it played fine as well.
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    The GC's button layout and triggers are a bit wonky for a game like this.

    I use the CC, and the pad on it, not the stick. It's great. <3

    A B C and D are not buttons, they are commands, which can be mapped to a button.
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    Use the classic controller. It's actually really good.
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  • Monkey D. MalcolmMonkey D. Malcolm MvC2 FTW isnt it obv Joined: Posts: 993Registered
    Use the classic controller. It's actually really good.

    that is what I use.
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    I have one of those Hori Wii Fight Sticks.

    At first I thought it was kind of ass...but the stiffer buttons and control kind of help to play this game. Maybe it's just me.
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    The cube controller is a bit weird for a regular 6 button SF game but for this game it actually works extremely well. Of course, ideally you'd want a stick, but if you don't have to means to use one then I'd recommend a cube controller. I also find that using the analog instead of the pad gives better results (at least for me). Not only would it take much longer before your thumb starts to get tired, but it's easier to do motions like DP with it due to the corners it has around the perimeter.
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    Im gonna pick one of the CC pads up tomorrow but is there any reason why the game puts easy mode on the wiimote and nunchuk?
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  • keninblackkeninblack Pugilist Joined: Posts: 3,457Registered
    CC is the best for pad players.

    Yet for me stick beats all.
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  • djjizzdrinkydjjizzdrinky Joined: Posts: 307Registered
    i used to use a gc controller, which i really liked, but it was my friends wavebird. they're expensive on ebay so i just use a classic controller. dont use the wiimote and nunchuck.
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  • ST RyuST Ryu Online is lag free Joined: Posts: 89Registered
    I prefer a stick but its fun using the wiimote and nunchuk

    I use stick for MVC2, SF4, T6, ST...too bad you cant use the TE stick on wii
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  • Blue LightningBlue Lightning Portuguese Fighter Joined: Posts: 625Registered
    I use a Classic Controller and I'm perfectly happy with it.
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  • N4UsN4Us Joined: Posts: 236Registered
    Anyone here used the Nyko wireless controller? I've read decent things about it but I've also read about some lag issues. I'm thinking about it because I mostly play on analog on controllers and the octagon style on the CC/GC pads throws me off sometimes.

    edit: I also found something similar called the Shadow Controller, but it's by DreamGear and I've heard not so great things about their products.
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    PS2 pad w/ converter
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    Is there some way to switch the game to 6 button on the Tvc controller?
  • InfiniteInfinite Yurushite Nyan! Joined: Posts: 633Registered
    Classic Controller Pro is the best pad.
  • Unknown Joined:
    use the madcatz stick. i was hesitant on buying it since i got the SE SFIV stick a while back and the buttons would stop responding. so far so so good with this one though.
  • Ajtucker22Ajtucker22 Blue Lantern of Earth. Joined: Posts: 796Registered
    right now using GCN controller, gonna get the Hori stick. Can't wait, as much as I love the GCN controller, I've always preffered arcade sticks for fighters.
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  • Sh33pSh33p New Age of Rubbish Rifling Joined: Posts: 430Registered
    I'm going to use a gamecube controller I got for VC games, but if I really likethe game I might try to dual mod my SE stick.
  • YinYin fun fun fun Joined: Posts: 3,396Registered
    CC controller, but that's because we only have one GC converter and it's my bros Wii, so he gets to play on stick.
    Seeing how awesome this game is, I might have to get myself a converter as well. CC is really good as far as pad goes though.
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  • N4UsN4Us Joined: Posts: 236Registered
    Been playing on a GCN controller (Wavebird) because I lost my CC and I can't find it.

    It's not too bad, but my fingers slip at times and there's a couple moments where I do the wrong super by accident, even if I was doing the right motion.

    This week I'll go and try to pic up another CC (or check out one of the other controllers)
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  • Unknown Joined:
    I'm using a gamecube controller. I tried to use the classic controller a bit, but I can't get dragon punches right on that stick, and i won't use a d-pad.
  • SamuraiPanda001SamuraiPanda001 Joined: Posts: 160Registered
    D-pad is the only reliable way to play the game other than arcade sticks. Classic + Grip is the best alternative right now.

    Also, don't use wavebirds. They have pretty significant lag on them, around 6 frames IIRC.
  • N4UsN4Us Joined: Posts: 236Registered
    I'm not getting any lag at all with the wavebird. I was worried at first it would but I tried both the wavebird and another GCN controller and they both had the same response
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  • anton123anton123 Joined: Posts: 66Registered
    I'm wondering if any of you have played with casual gamers who use the simplified controls. Does it actually 'even the playing field' a bit?
  • Unknown Joined:
    theres no lag at all with the madcatz stick.
  • Unknown Joined:
    ^ Yep no lag at all on the TvC fightstick. Only lag you'll experience will be on matches on Ranked & Free Play. =P
  • ST RyuST Ryu Online is lag free Joined: Posts: 89Registered
    I'm wondering if any of you have played with casual gamers who use the simplified controls. Does it actually 'even the playing field' a bit?

    I tried it and its pretty easy to get the basic combos and supers out but sometimes you dont know what your doing...and with the air combos you can only do 3 hits and if that really...with ryu you can do df.C, sj, A, A, B, B, Super or special but you cant do that with simplified controls because you cant press A, B, C, on there own you have to press the A button twice to get B attack. Ryu's best combo > A, B, d.B, C, d.C, f.C, hcb.C and you cant do this with the simplified controls.

    I picked up the CC pad and its pretty sweet but the Dpad hurts my thumb after awhile and the analogue isnt very good because its too close to the buttons and the shape of the area (hexagon or whatever) is pretty back because you think your low blocking sometimes when really your pressing just back.

    I wonder what everyone will be using at EVO :)
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  • Ajtucker22Ajtucker22 Blue Lantern of Earth. Joined: Posts: 796Registered
    Anyone else find it dumb that theirs no button mapping for any button + P? you can have a button for mega crash, but not Baroque. Which sucks, cause I always accidentally call out for assist.
    And for those reppin the GCN, what is your button lay out?

    I do

    Also, I don't use my thumbs, I put my index on A, middle finger on B, and ring on C.
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