Updated Denjin Arcade Ken Rankings

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It has been close but it has finally be decided:

1. MattxChin
2. Yi Wang
3. Vinny
4. Carlos
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    Do not believe
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    The past couple of times Matt and 5 Star have run best of 10, its been either 6-4 or 7-3 in matts favor. 5 Star has not been training as hard lately, hence his absence at our last ranbat
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    just to update everyone on the final Denjin rankings now that it's closed
    1) Carlos
    2) Mattxchin
    3) Vinny
    4) 5star

    it should be noted that carlos and Mattxchin ended up playing a best out of 100 (10 games a day, for 10 days) and carlos ended up winning 51-49. Good shit Carlos.
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