MvC2 Good Games

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Pre-hype hype people!

Let's get this cracking!
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    shut up mp i'mma beast yo ass HARDCORE this is gonna turn into the bad games thread.

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    It's 5:39 am and I got it just come out on live arcade who wants to play I'm online now! Ya I'm a super nerd FIRST!
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  • I$AACI$AAC did it hurt, baybee? Joined: Posts: 1,185Registered
    ggs to LowTierForLife and whoever else was in that room. Sorry about my connection crapping out. Damn brighthouse has been skecthy today
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    GG's earlier Isaac. I haven't played a blackheart player in so long.

    BG's to capcom for making ranked matches completely super random. I've been playing all day and I only found 1 person in ranked who knew what they were doing in any capacity. Everyone else is just picking their favorite comic book characters and hitting buttons.
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    The game has only been out for 11 hours, I wouldn't be overly concerned that the ranked matches haven't got a good grasp of skill levels yet...
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    So.... how is the lag?
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  • AL the greatAL the great jerking off to my av. Joined: Posts: 1,056Registered
    so far no droppers for me. but for some reason my first 10 wins only counted as 5???

    anyways good games everyone thanks for putting up with my cheap ass.
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  • -=Infinite=--=Infinite=- Blue Magic Joined: Posts: 572Registered
    rawwwrrrr (good games) awwrrrrr (too everyone i played this morning)
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  • Ariesmar27Ariesmar27 Joined: Posts: 1Registered
    i had one a-hole drop a game.... it was my third match, i was kicking his ass and he jumped ship. but the lag isnt really that bad.
  • WilWil Semper Fi Joined: Posts: 2,189Registered
    GG's to fourtwenty808. Good shit in that MSP mirror match. :lol: Damn I got fucked. I had to settle with Team Watts, Cable/Sent/Capcom, and Storm/Sent/Capcom to stand a chance.

    GG's also goes out to lolkyon and i23mix. lolkyon still rocking the low tiers like back in the day haha.

    sakabot dropped on me but I'm sure he probably didn't like the fact I was using low tiers. Good stuff anyway even with the drop. Next time I see you in the lobby, I won't choose low tiers anymore so we can get some serious games in. :bgrin:
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  • ViscantViscant Lookin cute, feelin cute Joined: Posts: 979Registered
    I'm getting a lot of drops from Anakaris. It's funny, you doll up one character they mash and wonder what to do. Then the 2nd gets dolled up...and here comes the drop. Hilarious.

    Someone actually ragequit against my Morrigan also. I literally LOL'd when the drop screen came up. It must really suck to lose MSP to Morrigan.

    Also, hella cool to see SpiderDan on Live. I don't think I've played Dan or seen him in like 7 years now. Awesome how XBL brings everyone back!

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  • SNAAAAKESNAAAAKE 伝説の仙人 Joined: Posts: 6,324Registered
    oh wow I am not the only marvel scrub here. just played now. won 12 in a row. lot of mashers online. I mean..I dunno anything about marvel but this really isnt the game where you just press random buttons(maybe sf4 you can do that). I am still waiting to run into random badass marvel player to beast on me with magneto or something lol..
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  • Gief_100proofGief_100proof Board Certified Scrub Joined: Posts: 115Registered
    Guess I'm gonna have to start hittin up SRK peeps in Player Matches cause Ranked Match is a joke. 25-0 and I think I fought one person who knew what they were doing.

    Then again, it is maaaaaad fun playing mid-tier madness (Ruby, Tron, Rogue, Cammy, etc.).

    Hope to see you guys on there.

    To answer dude's question: I imagine the lag is the same as HDR. I've been playing nothing but people under 75 ping and have had very few rollbacks. I have had a couple of pretards who were clearly doing shady stuff as there would be sudden massive slowdown whenever I launched, but unfortunately for them, Magnus doesn't need precise timing to reset their dumbasses. Shenanigans are to be expected.
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  • Captain RyuCaptain Ryu Scoot Magee Joined: Posts: 835Registered
    I don't really know what I'm doing but if anyone wants to play hit me up.
  • JesterJester Jagga Toof Joined: Posts: 588Registered
    gg's to magneto x, viscant, and damian earlier. thx for raping me, i'm rustier than i thought.
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  • Charlie GoblynCharlie Goblyn TrAnScEnDiNg... Joined: Posts: 859Registered
    gg viscant preppy demon hyo and everyone else... i gotta mod my mas stick lol :tup:
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  • Unknown Joined:
    gg's to everyone i played tonight :)
  • WuHuakiManWuHuakiMan Protector of The Wu Joined: Posts: 36Registered
    GGs to everyone I've played today.
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  • Bluesman461Bluesman461 Joined: Posts: 158Registered
    GG's to those I played earlier. I look forward to wrecking more scrubs with Juggernaut, Guile, and Zangief this weekend.
  • Unknown Joined:

    im 10-3 on the day gg to my losses

    GT is Bwel1s hit me up id love to play
  • Mr-PhelpsMr-Phelps Arcade Junkie Joined: Posts: 531Registered
    GGs to everyone I played.:wonder:
    BGs to eveyone who rage dc on me.:annoy:
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  • merdocmerdoc Dont Get Shot. Joined: Posts: 1,470Registered
    GG's to everyone i played. :lovin:
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  • MidNightRage13MidNightRage13 Joined: Posts: 259Registered
    GG's to everyone i played. :lovin:

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  • mzenkenmzenken The Magical Joined: Posts: 3,416Registered
    First time playing MvC2 and I'm 41-20 something. Guess researching an engine helps.

    GGs to all today, especially F1nal Boss (only person to infinite me today), and SRK Raeli.
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  • I$AACI$AAC did it hurt, baybee? Joined: Posts: 1,185Registered
    ggs to nomyNOM in our ranked matches today. and GG's to everyone else I played today. Damn I forgot how chaotic this game can be lol
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  • SocketmanSocketman StandOut Joined: Posts: 77Registered
    anyone else getting alot of imput lag?
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  • dev1antdev1ant Hates QD PRN Joined: Posts: 530Registered
    GGs to BEATtoD and Wentinel. I can't play Sentinel for shit on XBL.
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    II GLOC 9 here. good games to everyone i played. =)
  • KhameleonKhameleon ޱ΀ Joined: Posts: 266Registered
    GG's to anyone I played so far. :)
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