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  • wizzle213wizzle213 Joined: Posts: 14Registered
    imma add you yourpapi i live in compton
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  • X_SwordX_Sword -+FGs, Art, Manga, and Beats+- Joined: Posts: 1,620Registered
    Any ex-Magneto-player-but-all-about-low-tier peeps? trying to see if MM/Strider/Cable is worth the toilet tissue
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  • Reptile°Reptile° Joined: Posts: 128Registered
    Reptile vS
    I'm terrible so if someone wants to win add me
  • teamrandomteamrandom Joined: Posts: 56Registered
    anyone want to give me my weekly fix. I suck at this game, but I don't ragequit, complain, or send hatemail. gt: t3amrand0m
  • YourpapiYourpapi Joined: Posts: 69Registered
    for sure add me if you want all the ppl i play now are from LA
  • YourpapiYourpapi Joined: Posts: 69Registered
    update im on winterbreak now so ill have alot of free time on my hands add my xbox GT if you want games against a mid level player
  • Lord HDLLord HDL Hi Joined: Posts: 174Registered
    Would like some games with people here. I'm done at my last university so I have plenty more time currently. I play Rogue/Storm/Gambit (X-Men baby), but can also use teams Matrix and clockw0rk. My XBL handle is LordHDL so feel free to add and send a message like "SRK" or "Marvel." :wgrin:
  • DooM_DooM_ Stay Puft Joined: Posts: 111Registered
    sup guys hit me up on xbl for some games, please let me know you're from srk though or else I'll just ignore you. I'm looking forward to getting owned :D
  • RedWolfensteinRedWolfenstein Im a member of Cheda Joined: Posts: 42Registered
    Hey ppl :)...would love to play some mvc2 with you guys and see if I am any good...I am usually on quite often during the day just random times I suppose... my gamertag is RedWolfenstein
    MVC2: Felicia, Jill, Cammy or Rogue, Cammy, Psylocke MVC3: Trish, She Hulk, Morrigan, Jill, and Storm SSFIV: Chun Li Cammy SSBB: Peach TVC: Saki/Roll or Chun/Doronjo
  • pimp2303pimp2303 Joined: Posts: 390Registered
    Anybody up 4 some games on xbl gamertag cmj2303
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  • J.rudolphJ.rudolph Mr. Rudolph 2 you Joined: Posts: 30Registered
    Yo all. Most of you probably have absolutely no idea who I am, but I've been roaming thru ranked for a while. GT is obviously DarkDreamT2, and I usually play Jill/Cyclops/Tron. Hit me up if u want battles, also, don't hold back at all. Only real way to get better is to learn how not to die.

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  • Lord HDLLord HDL Hi Joined: Posts: 174Registered
    Whoops, forgot to mention times and regions I get good connections with. I usually play around midday, EST (except no DST where I live), sometimes in the evening. A few places I connect well with:

      Los Angeles, CA
      San Jose, CA
      San Francisco, CA

    The majority, but NY and VA especially.

    Midwest and South

    Mixed results.

    I get best results with the EC. But regardless of where you are, hit me up and I will likely accept anyway as long as you live in the U.S. :wgrin:
  • RedWolfensteinRedWolfenstein Im a member of Cheda Joined: Posts: 42Registered
    Anyone wanna have a few matches with me right now? :)
    MVC2: Felicia, Jill, Cammy or Rogue, Cammy, Psylocke MVC3: Trish, She Hulk, Morrigan, Jill, and Storm SSFIV: Chun Li Cammy SSBB: Peach TVC: Saki/Roll or Chun/Doronjo
  • YourpapiYourpapi Joined: Posts: 69Registered
    add me im back in school tho so im only on, on weekends maybe sometimes at 6-8pm pst
  • First AttackFirst Attack I have my own haters!!! Joined: Posts: 391Registered
    I'm going to try my horrible luck on "pad" :/ today and going to brutally get wax now. LOL

    oh well, i'm bored.....

    What's your XBL gamertag?
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  • itgomez88itgomez88 Joined: Posts: 23Registered
    im looking for a few matches after 8pm def message me
  • Soriddo SunekuSoriddo Suneku Joined: Posts: 4Registered


    Trying to learn this game abit, to help me with MvC3.
  • itgomez88itgomez88 Joined: Posts: 23Registered
    ill play you soriddo but i am a terrible teacher
  • tharimrattlertharimrattler Colossus Legend Joined: Posts: 3,026Registered
    Yo I'm going to spend some time with the MAHVEL tonight, feeling the crack. Shoot me a message or invite if you want to get down.
  • itgomez88itgomez88 Joined: Posts: 23Registered
    ill be on after 8pm if thats good with you tharim, sorrido you down too
  • TheStreetzKingTheStreetzKing Joined: Posts: 270Registered
    I wanna play the couple days until 3 comes out, can someone teach me some magneto.

    xbl tag, TheStreetzKing

    Ill be on all night right now
  • Taiga_KneeTaiga_Knee Facsimileclock4 Joined: Posts: 1,129Registered
    On now. Anyone want some comp?
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  • GOLDN-NZGOLDN-NZ Pimp'N neo & fagnatk n Newb Roach! Joined: Posts: 1,165Registered
    On now. Anyone want some comp?

    hit me up on xlive: GOLDEN NISMOR, i'm medicore comp, but fun games
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  • dawatcherzdawatcherz Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    dawatcherz is my gamertag, live in hawaii
  • dawatcherzdawatcherz Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    im an average msp player n want practice. send me an invite
  • Bwar3Bwar3 Joined: Posts: 5Registered
    SUBJECTMADUSA13 From Los Angeles

    weekdays from 8pm - 12am
    weekends all day...

    also i like to use low tiers!
  • vegita-xvegita-x Joined: Posts: 1,577Registered
    online right now.. will be until 3pm then off to the gym

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  • [KHAOS][KHAOS] YOU NEED MORE. Joined: Posts: 2,431Registered
    Hit me up on XBL.

    Gamertag: BurstKinetics.

    Top tier only.
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  • TheStreetzKingTheStreetzKing Joined: Posts: 270Registered
    hey guys, I would like to know if anyone can teach me a little about this game, i always play it casually but I dont think im anywhere near decent. I am waiting on a full naomi set up with mvc2 so I would like to get more into it, I figure why not on xbox until my set up arrives. I am using a stick. so if anyone can help or anyone just wants to play hit me up please. GT: TheStreetzKing. Send me a message just saying srk or w/e and im down to play.
  • tempest-magnettempest-magnet nippz. Joined: Posts: 416Registered
    dopeSTACKScash hawaii no scrubs plz
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