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    Band practices Friday night, Christmas tree lighting with the kids on Saturday and work Sunday morning from 12am to 8 am so not sure if I would be able to make anything. Keep me in the loop though
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    Played a few marvel sets with TxZero and his friends earlier, had some really good games! I should record em the next time we have a chance to play, if there are any other gamers in wichita falls hit me up!!
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    I'm throwing a LANparty at the Holiday Inn by the Lucy Park waterfalls in the Kemp meeting room on Saturday February 2nd. Event starts from 10am and ends at midnight. It is primarly a PC lanparty but we MORE than welcome console players, especially fighting game fanatics. We have some ThirdStrike players, Tekken players & SFIV players. Please feel free to come out and bring your PC and/or favorite console and games. Entry is just $5. Feel free to just come look and watch for free. If you need more info please email landobrown30@gmail.com
    If you plan to come please email me. I would like to know just to make sure I don't run out of seating.
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    Wow really. I just signed up for some volunteer crap in Lawton, wish I had seen this first

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