A2-3 Music, Stages and Characters

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Am I one of the only people to think A3's music took a turn for the worse, besides a few stages: Rose's? The classic style of music had it's last run in A2. I think that paired with the crappier stage selection in A3 (and many have no parallax scrolling) really gave A2 the atmosphere that really has not translated to any SF afterwards. No game really touches the stage selection of SF2, of course, but A2 is close. A2 had/has the potential to be the final real classic SF outing IMO. I mean if they took a few chars from A3 and made some adjustments, A2 could be the definite Street Fighter game in it's history. It has all the right elements and upgrades yet retains the aura that Capcom was early known for.

I mean I've played SFIV and it really bored me to death as the elements really didn't come together and retain that feel that old school gamers loved: Stages sorta suck, graphics are not in classic style and the music is... forgetable. A2 does all that right and IMO the programmers of 4 lost out on a chance to translate that to the new generation.

That is my rant
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    True that there really is a special mood in alpha2,that reflects genuine tret fighter 2 spirit.
    I think when you talk about it it's more with your heart;as for alpha 3,i think it must be appreciated in term of gameplay in an innovating way,a different way,but i understand some cannot like the game.
    Finally you mentionned street fighter 4,well i agree with you,i think many people play it just because it's a street fighter and becauseit's new,flashy,a,d there is a vast communauty,with former players that only knew street fighter 2 and ignored there had been like 15 street fighter games after.
    I know some dudes who got into it just because of that,becausemany people play it,and even though they don't like the game,they can trash newbs and show off a bit
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    so much agreed.
    Alpha2 had the best music in the alpha series. just listen to these:

    Gen stage theme:
    Akuma stage theme:
    Adon stage theme:

    rest of the music here: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Renegade466isback&view=videos&query=%22Street%20Fighter%20Alpha%202%20Music%22

    the only one that was subpar was the jazzy remix on Ken's stage, imho

    even the stages themselves are better.. but that;s another discussion
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    Adon stage theme:

    I've always felt that track sounds so much like it belongs in Mega Man X.
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    Alpha 3 music just sucks. Whenever I play online, I just mute the game sound and play something on wmp, because its that bad. Now Alpha 2's music was awesome. I liked Zangief and Sagat's the most.
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    I like Alpha 3's music....especially Cammy's stage
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    Akuma and Gen's stages are really excellent. Akuma's music is like one of teh best songs in the franchise's history.
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    Looking at it again: Chun, Sagat and Sim's stage graphics in A3 are better than the earlier versions, especially Chun's (which is prolly better than SF2) but you got ones like Guile's which were just thrown together, seemingly, really fast. Chun's had some time spent on animating that one.
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    I love A2 music, the game is full of great music.
    Best SF games with good music are ST and A2 in my opinion. SF4 music.. isn't that good for exeption of Sakura's Stage.
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    I've been playing A3 on the psp and it'd be great if the music was just better. I have to turn it off. A2 with some chars and stages from A3 would be perfect :-/
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    I don't think A3's music is bad. I'll admit I like A2's tracks more.
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    I don't like A3's music at all. Granted, it does a great job of getting my heart rate faster and intensifying the matches, but I still hate it.
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    A3 and 2 music were on par with each other IMO. It was 2 different gametypes and needed different music.

    3 had some of the most odd yet fitting music at the time. Shin Akuma's is a perfect example.
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    You guys are all dumb A3 sound track >> A2's.
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    I don't like A3's music at all. Granted, it does a great job of getting my heart rate faster and intensifying the matches, but I still hate it.


    And I actually disagree with most of you including the OP. I really enjoy A3 music, though 3S is my favorite.
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    Meh A2 > A3 on music and some stages. Nothing beats ST though.
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    so much agreed.
    Gen stage theme:

    Is one of the sickest themes ever. Anyone notice the strong simliarities to A2 games and Megaman games? A2 is the only SF game that I hear it.
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    Depends on the stage. For Guy, I prefer No More Swinging to his A2 theme, and Rose's Schala to A2, but Charlie's A2 instead of Decisive Bout. Sakura's A2 is better than A3.
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    Only good A3 tracks

    Sodom X-ISM
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    Which game you like better is a matter of opinion, but Alpha 2 completely blows away Alpha 3 in aesthetics: music, backgrounds, announcer voice, endings... everything.
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    Rose's alpha 3 theme is good imo
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    Great thread! Trolling...
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    I like the final round and the ending of A3, but i agree A2 is superior. I have to say it was interesting how they put a great emphasis on counters in A3, and how they improved (imo) the Custom Combos. But i'm A2 guy (not the character, lol) all the way.

    Sad that in this gap of generations SFIV is the first game where they could make the "heavy damage" (when one guy has 1/4 HP or something around that) segments really cool. In 3S for example, i feel that it wouldnt fit nicely. But in SFIV they had the chance but they made most songs bad, and with very "soft" heavy damage segments (compared to SFII).

    Also, in aesthetics only the 3 Japan stages and Drive-in are good (only the stages added in Super that are very good), and the Npcs are ugly. About the models, they were trying to imitate Ikeno's art; it's not like making Tekken and VF. I agree that Bengus is better, but i guess there is no other veteran artist around (Ikeno began from ST or Alpha?). There is the fact that Ikeno's drawings make the characters bulkier so that is one of the things that they didn't make good; and which they tried to "hide" in some way, making use of the constant sideways perspective.
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    Bengus is better, but i guess there is no other veteran artist around (Ikeno began from ST or Alpha?)

    Akiman, who made some illustrations for the 2011 calender, and Kinu, whose SF4 work is slightly more abundant, are still around at Capcom. Even Bengus made an illustration or two for the company for SF4's release. Ikeno has work dating back to the 3DO version of ST.
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    Hm, thanks. Then do you know, or have any idea of why they choose Ikeno's designs to follow?
    I'd be interesting if they decide to keep using this art style in the next game, but choosing another designer.
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    you got ones like Guile's which were just thrown together, seemingly, really fast
    You have a good point about most stages - SFA2 is much better than A3 for graphics (variety, parallax effects, memorability) and music (classic themes, not generic techno) and overall sound (less intrusive announcer).

    However, to pick on Guile isn't fair. His A3 stage is very good - maybe one of the best in the game. Graphically, it reminds me of some of the other '80s scrolling beat 'm ups. In fact, !
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    I kind of hate A3. it had some good stuff going for it but i love the stages and music for A2 way too much. It just felt it came together. A2 is definitely CPS2 gold, when CPS2 was in its prime. Plus, I love the secret Australia and Venezuela stages (unfortunately i didnt know about Venezuela until i got Anthology years later haha)

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    if you ask me, charlie's stage in A2 was the most memorable, with sakura's being the least.
    That said, charlie's theme is epic, when i play with rolento i keep super jumping (to not get hit) just to hear the music
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    ^ Hmm, ...
  • M.D.M.D. digs older chicks Joined: Posts: 3,985Registered
    You guys are sleeping on A3's content

    While most of the themes were stage-inspired, some of them were pretty decent.

    - Ryu
    - Balrog
    - Shin Bison
    - Dan
    - Cammy
    - Blanka
    - Dee-jay
    - Feilong
    - X-ism Sodom
    - Guy

    And I felt alot of them were very fitting for the stage.

    - Ken's theme went well with his stage
    - Guy's theme really fits the atomsphere.
    - Cody's theme, although not that great, was very fitting.

    Alpha 2 music and stages were more jazzy and traditional. I like it, but it's not better than A3; just different. It's a different vibe.

    I play HSFA sometimes and when I see/hear the Alpha 3 HUD/announcer on an Alpha 1/2 stage with Alpha 1/2 music, it doesn't fit.
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    Meh A2 > A3 on music and some stages. Nothing beats ST though.
    something is arong with you guys. You got your heads stuck up nostalgias butt and Alpha 3 has great music. Just because its not the same songs they have been using ( minus Sagat's theme bc they know better than to change perfection) for years and years you wanna hate on it. I like the fact they did something different with the CPS2 soundchip and went the techno route. Its more hard edged. The backgrounds are sweet too. You guys are just being too biased and comparing it.

    Alpha 2 wasn't even that great to me. Alpha 3 improves on so many levels and has everyone on it. Alpha 2 has like 16 characters at most and the system isnt refined yet. I actually had more fun with Alpha 1 then 2.

    Nothing beats ST music??? Hahahah dont make me laugh. Soon as they turned sf2 over to the cps2 board the awesome FM music of sf2 turned crappy and high pitched. The music sounds wayyy worse. Esp Kens song and Blanka. They changed the music too much and it sounded thin. The original cps1 street fighter 2's had the better music. In my opinion.
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