Planet Zero open tomorrow?

GGawaranGGawaran Gawaran AKA Mr MishidaJoined: Posts: 176Registered
I got a day off tomorro w and figured I would drive up tonight and just spend the day playing Tekken 6.

Any idea if anyone knows if they will be open?
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  • Acer1236Acer1236 ?! Joined: Posts: 623Registered
    Closed until next Tuesday (25th) I believe because of Showdown.
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  • GGawaranGGawaran Gawaran AKA Mr Mishida Joined: Posts: 176Registered
    ah damn thanks for the info.
    The Road to EVO2011.... Fear DAT SAK! XD
  • Ranma0005Ranma0005 Drunkin Style SF Master Joined: Posts: 1,162Registered, Moderators
    Planet Zero should re-open today at 5pm.
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