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    Some random shit that happened in a match:

    I slided under my opponents jump with illusions activated, and while i was sticking out a c.short from the other side the last shadow from the slide was hitting from the other side :wow: it said 4 hits before i linked the c.strong xx spiral afterwards. That's pretty funky, dunno if it's unblockable or not, i will check up on that :karate:
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    good thread. TS' v-Rose knowlege = beasting when he gets his practice on.

    TS, hurry up and get a car. Me and my buddies still want to practice with you at my pad. DagNabit!
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    I like Rose's Soul Illusion super more and more the longer i play her :lovin: In fact, i use it almost exclusively now, since she gains so much from it for just a little use of meter.
    Her ways to build meter fast are:
    - whiffing c.MP at a safe distance
    - hcf P soul spark (i use it as a meaty when i'm outside of sweep range, or at the end of a block string)
    - a lot of max range c.MP/c.MK xx qcf LK (blocked or not)

    2 setups for the Soul Illusion unblockable:

    [1] sweep distance

    Rose has a great sweep, because it outranges a lot of stuff and sets up her unblockable. Everytime you bait your opponent or make him whiff something, punish with the sweep:
    - c.HK, instant qcf x2 LK, walk forward a tiny bit and whiff c.HK (the last illusion should hit them for an unblockable knockdown), crossup j.MK, (unblockable) c.LK -> c.MP xx qcf HK

    [2] anti air / anti flip

    If they jump in at you, activate a lvl.1 soul illusion and c.HP them, that way you can do the c.HP very early and it will still hit them most of the times. If they air flip after they eat the c.HP, you can either jump after them and c.MP/c.HP/whatever to get them into the corner as fast as possible, or you can make them land on a soul illusion powered unblockable c.HK (where only the last illusion hits them). After that you can also go for the unblockable crossup (illusion time should be barely enough to finish the combo):
    - instant qcf x2 LK -> anti air c.HP, (they flip) make them land on c.HK illusion, crossup j.MK, (unblockable) c.LK -> c.MP xx qcf HK
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    resurrecting old ass threads is a no go but i'll merge it into the a3 thread
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    Recipe: VC3: crouching Short-> Sliding-> Short Soul Spiral-> Sliding-> instant jump up Short-> shadow Soul Spiral hits-> falling Short-> CC walk backwards-> [vertical jumping Strong x 15~16 -> CC activate VC2, jumping Short-> CC vertical jumping Fierce-> CC vertical jumping Strong-> CC walk-> vertical jumping Strong] x N

    Expect more Rose updates in the future.
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    Wow thread necromancy taken to a whole new level. I didn't even know you could resurrect threads originally from 2002 with their last post in 2006.

    That is not to say that that unblockable setup wasn't worth resurrecting this thread for. But still!
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