help with Gouken's dive kick to air grab / throw

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Hey guys I been playing Gouken for about 6 months on xbox 360 with a wired mad catz controller.

I'm a pretty decent player and can do most of his moves. But I struggle doing his dive kick or demon flip to air grab / throw. I figure if I'm going to get better I need to be able to do all of 
Gouken's moves.

I know the basic inputs for the air grab / throw. It's LP + LK, but i have tried many times and I have never been able to do it. For those of you using an wired xbox 360 controller, can you describe the complete movement to do his air grab / throw? What's the secret to it? after you do the demon flip, and when pressing LP + LK, what position is the D-pad (left stick) in? Is there a secret to being a certain distance in the air from your opponent?

Thanks for any help, just trying to get better.

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