Which Street Fighter Alpha game is your favorite?



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    After 73 votes Alpha 2 is still one the lead :tup:

    Although A2 has the most votes, A3/A3U got more votes than A2/A2G. I voted for A3U but if the votes were only A1, A2, or A3 I would vote for A3. Maybe we should do a second poll with just A1, A2, and A3?
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    polarity wrote:
    Uh, no.

    Anyway I voted A2 because A3 is dumb

    Wow. Talk about back asswords.
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    Man why is this so difficult. It is obvious that Hyper Alpha Street Fighter is the best game. Even if I am not fighting one of my friends, I can still random battle for about 200 battles straight. Good Times
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    I had alpha 3 for psx and its horrible!! dee jay hawk guile and others are not worth it.
    So im for alpha 3 then alpha 2 then HSFA(cause you can pick shin bison:lovin: )

    btw ive never really played a lot of alpha 1 and I hear a lot of Guy??
    what makes him so great?
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    Lol my vote made alpha 3 and 2 tied :looney:
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    I enjoy the first Alpha the most.
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    HSFA is my favorite because it lends the most options and you can basically play any character from any Alpha game.
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    Playing A1 and A2 after being so used to the A3 engine is like having steak without the A1... yeah...
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    Alpha 3 Owns!!!

    I think SFA3 is the best of the Alpha series. Especially the SFA3 special edition in Streetfighter Alpha Anthology which basicly sounds like ya'll describe SFA3 Upper to be. I never played SFA3 Upper but I guess the special mode for SFA3 in SFA3 Anthology must be that SFA3 Upper ya'll talk about. I've seen Evil Ryu, Shin Akuma in it and more.

    Anyway the SFA 3 engine is the best of the whole Alpha series. More fighting options and more specials. Graphics, counters, crossovers, combo's and sequances are far superiour to SFA1 and SFA2.
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    I voted for SFA3, it's mass of characters, well tuned gaming engine and the sheer skill needed to play it makes it a great game. The fact that it's still being played and included in tournaments is proof of how good the game is, it's been almost 8yrs since it's release.
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    I like alpha 2 music and backdrops.

    but everything else in alpha 3 is better.
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    A2 did have some better BG's compared to A3

    But A3 is still my fave
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    Although A2 has the most votes, A3/A3U got more votes than A2/A2G. I voted for A3U but if the votes were only A1, A2, or A3 I would vote for A3. Maybe we should do a second poll with just A1, A2, and A3?

    I'm surprised that Alpha 2 has so many votes, I was amazed that A2 was in the lead because there is always so many people talking about A3 in srk, the thing is that there is many people that enjoy more the "alternate versions" of A2 and 3: Gold and Upper, so it's fair to have all the Alpha games in the same thread for each user to vote.

    I never enjoyed A3 (it's a question of taste) and even if I play less fighting games today A2 is still my fav fighter, I'm just surprised that srk has much more people who enjoy A2 than what I tought (and that is a big thumbs up) :tup:
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    i like the action of alpha 3 but the settings are much better in alpha 2
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    alpha1 cause it was not confuseing nice and simple pure fighting and i only found one glitch ryu and ken shoryuken could right through projectiles if timed correctly and rumor was on that game is that guy has a combo that can kill the opponenet if done correctly
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    To the poster above= ^_~

    To the topic:
    I like A3 the most. But understand what people have with A2. The better music, the better stages, mostly everthing is very cool there. But it lacks in some points. Mainly the deep and nearly perfect A3 game engine. And all the A3 characters like Karin, Mika etc. especially Juni.

    It fun learning this game, it's fun playing it. it's fun do train VC's, it's fun to learn match ups your not familiar with. So much fun, lol ^^

    I can play it for hours and don't get bored. It's the game I can play the most charas. All those points let me feel free playing A3. In 3rd for example I feel more like being closed up. Don't like the feeling of the game, don't like how the normals feels like you can't cross-up with everyone. I just don't feel this free.
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    I like Upper the most, but i am pretty much forced to play A3. Not that i complain ... :mad:
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    I felt the fighting engine was more refined than A2, and they brought back the old characters (Blanka, Vega), which was pretty cool.

    Oh, and -Ism system is still the best!
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    A2 Then Hyper Alpha.

    A2 is the shit. Hyper is all of them being able to play with every character for m every revision.

    I hate A3. Just didn't feel it. Im a 3s man anyways.:bluu:
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    As of right now I vote for Alpha 2. But that mainly comes from the fact that I have yet to really sit down and learn any of the in's and out's of A3. From the little I have played though I love the way it feels and handles. Music and all is not as good as A2 but I usually wear headphones while playing anyways so it's not a big issue to me.

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    i voted hyper....

    sometimes more is more :tup:
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    Alpha 1! Sakura FTW no doubt!
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    ^ uh , what? :lol:
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    A2 as a complete game, Hyper because the variety of matchups is insane
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    Other: Alpha 3 Max! Its gameplay modes are ridiculous! Really Dramatic Battle, Variable Battle, Final Boss, 8man Tournament, World Tour :lovin: All of it online!

    I say combine HyperSFAlpha with Alpha 3 Max's gameplay modes and we got the best of the best!
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    i like the action of alpha 3 but the settings are much better in alpha 2

    Like no chip damage :arazz:
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    Alpha 3 no doubt.
    av by savaii64
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    Alpha 3 for sure. All good games though, the remixed sf2 tracks in A2 are nice.
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    There are things to love about them all, but overall, A3 Upper is my fav.
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    Zero 2 ftw...

    - Ryu vs. Ken dialogue
    - No Final Bison
    - it felt like ST all over again.

    ...that went well.
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