If you created your own fighting game...

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If you created your own fighting game...

What theme, story and gameplay would you give it?

- magic vs alchemy
- armored warriors/fighters (based on Iron Man)


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    Fart attacks

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    outside of the core gameplay itself, it would have every single feature that Skullgirls has (character select button checks, ggpo, training mode, controller stuff etc.) I'd make the game very easy to pick up so people who play casually can have a great time. I'd also throw in a ton of system mechanics people could experiment with in training mode.

    edit: I also like the idea of character specific dialogue before a match, like SVC.
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    Pirates vs Ninjas
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    Marvel VS DC

    - 2 VS 2 Battles
    - 1 round with 3 health bars (armor, life, will) per character, so all together 6 life bars and the potential to pretty damn long games
    - no health regeneration
    - 3:30 minutes timer
    - rich super meter: one super-meter with 3 bars (1 bar an light dmg super, 2 bars for medium dmg and 3 bars for heavy damage that actually destroys the entire stage, so it looks differently)
    - additional meter for EX-moves, push backs and stuff like that
    - combos mainly based on hit-stun and not juggeling
    - no X-Factor or such crap like that
    - child damage only on specials and supers
    - back to block

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    Strip Fighter.
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    I cant think of one Cyberpunk themed fighter.
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    I'd just make third strike again but with no Twelve in it
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