What the Hell Can I Do to Get Better With This Character?

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Seriously, Ammy is the weak link on my team as an anchor or otherwise and I have no idea what to do about it. I like the way I play Doom/Ammy but I feel completely helpless when Ammy comes in, especially without X-Factor.

I could list all my weaknesses with her, but here's a stream archive from the other day:

My matches (where I play Ammy) are at 6:31:00, 6:59:53 (an awful loss in which my Ammy did no work iirc), and 8:05:30. (I had some other wins with a Hulk team). Some feedback would be awesome.
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    I didn't watch all of it but here are my thoughts

    1) Your other characters need work as well, and i'm not saying this to be disrespectful but it is relevant. If you have a support heavy shell, you need to be prepared to win with your first 1/2 characters and just accept that you lost if you get down to your last character.

    2) Again, going back to my first point, Doom/Ammy is prone to pop XF2+all of their remaining meter to get the kills and try to close out the game, make sure your THC setups are airtight and guaranteed if you're going to do this, the THC is old and many people know how to beat at least the beginner mixups that come from it. If you leave Ammy with no XF, no meter, you can't possibly expect her or any other anchor to make the comeback, you really should have won at this point if you dumped that many resources into a kill. Manage your resources better and make it count when you do use them.

    3) In the case that you did pop XF, and burn most of your meter, you will want to consider trying to tag in Ammy safely at some point if you haven't won. You can fix Ammys damage problem through TAC infinites and she gets some easy instant overhead setups with missiles, or at the least, you can clear the screen for her to get in/air dash in with Plasma Beam. If you manage a hit, you get probably another 3-5 bars after hitting a TAC infinite with Doom and you really should win after that.

    4) If you're really committed to actually making your ammy better, play her on point for your next couple of sessions, it will force you to actually learn how to space well with her and how to go about matchups as she is a very matchup dependent character. I didn't see much of your Ammy at all but just learn her XF2/3 infinite, learn how to setup fuzzy guards/pressure with IAOs, and how to patiently inch your way in with an assist behind her. With XF3, you really need to just rely on Veil to get your hits, with Veil, people aren't going to press buttons, and they aren't going to want to take the high/low mixups on the ground, and you just have to keep in mind that your opponent is thinking "I want to hold up", so just be prepared to clip their toes or get that instant air throw into infinite. I know that doesn't help and sounds vague but theres no magic answer on how to play X character better, you really just need to grind out the matchup experience with her.
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