Dustbowl: Back to Basics Syracuse NY

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Full brackets and result

UMVC3 (51 entrants)
2.Super Acid
3.BIFU Insaynne

AE2012 (33 entrants)
1.BIFU insaynne
2 Jug
3.Prof. Noonie

SfxT (22 emtrants)
2.BIFU Insaynne
3.BIFU Ace of Spades

TEKKEN Tag Tournament 2 (15 entrants)
1. DB Damus
2. Sinn

Buffalo vs Syracuse 5v5 UMVC3 
Syracuse defeated buffalo 5-4 

Stream provided by Team Bifuteki 

Thank u everyone for showing up and have a great time.
The venu was godlike .. everyone was respectful.
The turn out was awesome, hyped matches , someone finally defeated Jug AE
On some real talk thank u everyone for giving Dustbowl another chance :)
MVC3: Trish, Hulk, Robot
Tekken: Dragonuv
BBCS: Taokaka
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  • Akazukin ChaChaAkazukin ChaCha The Tekken is Dark and Full of Errors... Joined: Posts: 2,053Registered
    disappointing showing Blo.

    I leave you guys alone for FIVE MINUTES and this shit happens. 
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    Shout outs to everyone who entered marvel
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