Worst fighting game system?(or engine, if you prefer)Why that one?



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    rayplay said:
    I dislike MvC3's fighting system because it just has so many bad design decisions, both in gameplay and balance. TAC's are random, and a developer decided to make it so that they disable hit stun scaling instead of just resetting it or something. X-Factor is the single worst mechanic to ever happen to fighting games, and throws in that game are retarded as fuck. Then you have balance decisions that make no sense at all. It's okay for Magneto to have every tool anyone could want, but you can't give Arthur a dash? It's okay for Vergil and Zero to have safe, powerful offense but Phoenix Wright has to resort to literal luck?

    That's because the game was inherently designed to be crazier than Marvel 2.  They weren't designing things a ton on balance and fair because that's pretty much what people said they didn't want.  They just heard people say "Marvel is the broken crazy game, make it like that" and they just figured to make it crazier than that as a selling point.

    Arthur doesn't have a dash not for balance reasons, but because they purposely created characters based on how they play in their respective games.  Wesker can teleport all over the place like a madman because that's what he did in Resident Evil 5. Just like how Hokuto No Ken balanced characters based on their strength in the storyline and actually gain buffs or nerfs depending on who they fight against in a match.  They felt giving the characters a certain "feel" was more important than making sure they all are just as powerful as each other.  Although overall most of the cast just due to the way the game system works can still kill each other very easily if a good gameplan/team is built around them.

    UMVC3 may not have the most "fair" game system, but it's not completely unresponsive and botched like some of the nastier made US/Japan kusoge games of old.  

    I think people would have a hard time playing a game like this over UMVC3 very easily just because of things like the multi tiered stages and getting hurt over time locks up your ability to use certain normals/specials and your movement due to "limb damage".

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    'Rise of the Robots' is the worst fighting game I've ever played*.

    It may even be the worst game I've ever played, full stop...

    *And I've played 'Pit Fighter'. And 'Killer Instinct 2'...
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    Unlike MvC3, Rise of the Robots had an arcade location test..
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    tataki said:
    You guys have become spoiled.

    You can't call another FG "Bad" as long as Tattoo Assassins exists.

    I'll see that and raise you Best of Best.

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    ah yes, tattoo assassins, that's the name of it. i've been raking my brain for a some months now trying to remember the name of that bogus game from the 90's with something like 300 different fatalities. i just read the wiki, and learned that number was actually in the 2000's. :)) i have to admit, best of best looks like a pretty good poverty game though haha. i'm still waiting for my eternal champions 3, primal rage 3 (or 2 with REAL prehistoric beasts), mace the dark age 2 (hype, i don't care what anyone says), and killer instinct 3 (not poverty, but everyone wants to see the return of an oldie-but-goodie). 
    when it comes to worst fighting game system(s), i'd say that's probably a tie between rise of the robots and time killers. actually, rotr may be a bit worse haha. that game is shitware.

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    INCIDENT said:
    I'll see that and raise you Best of Best.

    Did i saw Arnold Schwarzenegger on that game?
    And why in the fucking name of Lucifago the bgm is "Llorando se fue"
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    I want to see some legitimate debates over the mechanics of several games. 
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    Koiyuki said:
    I was watching the Salty Cupcakes stream(Skullgirls tourney every Thursday @ 7PM-whenever they decide it's time to turn in, typically 'round 2-3AM), when I heard Mike Z say something interesting about Persona 4 Arena, namely that it was the worst fighting game system he's ever got his hands on. He never went into a lot of details, but he seemed to be reserving a truck load of beef about it, including stuff like the 2 button Shoryus(e.g. Yu's Big Gamble).What, to you guys, strike you as candidate for the worst you ever played, and why?(in that same stream, one of the Stream Monsters named SFA3 as one of the worst, Garou, from another).
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    The combos are hard to execute, the characters hitboxes are wonky and the Super Moves are just confusing to me.
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    rayplay said:
    I want to see some legitimate debates over the mechanics of several games. 
    As do I. I know it seems like trolling putting up what I did, but I'm genuinely interested in hearing why a certain game has the 'worst' system, even if the system is universally heralded in the community. Just as a hypothetical, let's put the Smash system in the 'worst' position, in terms of fitting into the traditional fighting game mold(bear in mind I highly enjoy the game, and think it far from the worst system out there). Compared to the traditional mold(beat your opponent to 0 health, unique inputs for a given character's special moves, and so on), Smash doesn't even try to fit what a bang up fighting game aspires to, and is far too loose with the physics to stack up well against a Street Fighter or King of Fighters, more so given that the only way to win is by ring out. The community practically threw out how the game was designed to be played and redefined how it's played just to make it more like a traditional fighter, and the fact that Brawl included tripping to prevent them from doing it shows how much it just isn't a traditional fighting game, and how it was never meant to be
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    oh so you wanted to have one of "those" topics

    well that's easy enough. SSB isn't a fighting game and third strike ruined footsies forever because parry is so imbalanced.

    did you know that FADC ultra is a stupid risk/reward tradeoff?

    glad to re-do this thread every couple months
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    cartoon design was good though
    not good at any, mediocre at many
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    INCIDENT wrote: »
    I'll see that and raise you Best of Best.<br />
    <br />
    Real talk, that feature where they write the special move used on the screen is pretty cool, considering it's made for the SF2 arcade days.
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    Haha, I must be the only person on SRK who actually liked Pit Fighter.
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    rayplay wrote: »
    I want to see some legitimate debates over the mechanics of several games. 
    Koiyuki wrote: »

    The problem is that you can't have this type of discussion without devolving on flaming and trolling.
    Anyone would start throwing any game that they simply don't like just because.

    Also, in the end it would be more likely just a matter of opinion since what makes or breaks a game varies from person to person, for some the whole concept of parry is something stupid that shouldn't be present on any FG despite if it adds depth or not. And speaking of that, another problem is that not many people know what make a game deep.

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    INCIDENT wrote: »
    I'll see that and raise you Best of Best.

    Holy Lambada!
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    Anything that isn't:
    * Hyper Fighting
    * Super Turbo
    * Third Strike
    * Alpha 2, and sometimes 3 (When it isn't a V-ISM festival, as that becomes 1000x more boring than A-Groove CvS2)
    * King of Fighters 98
    * Garou: MOTW
    * King of Fighters 2002
    * Capcom vs. SNK 2
    * Guilty Gear XX as a series
    * Virtua Fighter 4 EVO / 5FS

    Many other games have very good points, like KoF13, Marvel 2, even UMvC3 and SSF4 - but I don't see any being as solid as those games I listed.
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