[Sat, Feb 16] Flashback Fights (UMvC3 @ Athens, GA) Tournament Results

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Once again guys, we want to thank everyone for attending and making this tournament run amazing and smooth!

Here are the tournament results.

1st: FR|Roachking
2nd: FR|Sumbrwnkid
3rd: Element

4th: Iron Dapvip
5th: Coco
5th: Eek
7th: Macktastic
7th: Jason Moore
9th: BM|Eco
9th: demo
9th: BM|Rizzo
9th: Schixo
13th: FDE|ExcitedBeast
13th: ASP|Heavyweight
13th: Omni
13th: Mistah Coos
17th: US Army|Keyser Jose
17th: Jovell
17th: Travpool
17th: Rob
17th: Slabodied
17th: ACT|Dr. Reset
17th: Jay L
17th: Cloud9
25th: Knuxsonic
25th: JaazzRap
BM | Eco
XBL: EcoReck
UMvC3: Tron/Vergil/Magneto
P4A: Mitsuru/Teddie
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