How to do DP from block stance? (analog)

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This question is really aiming at anyone that plays fighters with analog stock (on default ps3 controller). How the f$@# do you execute a DP reversal move in between blocking attacks? I cant seem to do it for the life of me, as it feels to awkward to do. and when i DO try to do it, the wrong move comes out.

Its killing me. D:
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    Depending on whether or not there's a gap in between the moves, it may not be possible to reversal in between certain moves.

    Honestly the answer is just learning the timing better. Have the training dummy do a string and practice the reversal.

    Of course, once you show that you're able to uppercut there, they will bait you and then you'll feel dumb.
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    Or you could negative edge it. dp motion,hold punch and release. Might be easier on your hands and thumbs. Also after in block stun let go of stick , dp motion ,punch... practice that in training mode.
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    Or you can just mash it out if you really want to commit to it.
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