[Sat, Feb 16] GameClucks Saturday Slugfest VIII (Seattle, WA) - Results!

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GameClucks Saturday Slugfest VIII
Part of the Pacific Northwest Road to Evo 2013
Held at GameClucks on February 16, 2013
Organized by Chris Anderson (@GameClucks)
Streamed by Khaos Gaming (@khaos_gaming)
Assisted by Loz (@tLozSEA)
Facebook Group / Event Page / SRK Thread

AE 2012 (28 Entrants)
1: Sam B ($196.00) (CA)
2: Riki-Oh ($56.00) (BI/AD)
3: Finelikewine49 ($28.00) (GU)

4: SRKUW|Fawwaz (VI)
5: Scha (BA)
5: Jared (SE)
7: Gieft (ZA)
9: What Delicious Grapes (Dylan)
9: Jerick
9: SRKUW|Randall
9: tLoz|FishDicks (Kaleo)
13: TKD|NightAce
13: WDG|Full of Potatoes (Duggish)
13: Mikhail
13: Dean
17: Chris O
17: TKD|Wahng
17: Yzae B
17: Serpent
17: TKD|Paytur
17: MachineKing1313
17: Mikey C
17: TKD|NOS K-Pop
25: TKD|Rei Wong
25: Mechanica
25: STB|EGP Shujinkydink
25: Gilchrestius

Links: Grand Finals / Top 8 / Bracket / PNWR2E Standings

UMvC3 (24 Entrants)
1: SRKUW|Darryn ($168.00)
2: Hiipower ($48.00)
3: Cam ($24.00)
4: BG|Rattana

5: Jamashawalker
5: Soup
7: bitq
7: 1TruKing
9: Richard C
9: Dave O
9: discovigilante
9: Huey253
13: Ar3s
13: Ebonic Plague
13: blckmarvl
13: SRKUW|Shaka
17: FCRacer
17: Serpent
17: Dannysaur
17: MachineKing1313
17: Tuan
17: Inpeace
17: Topher
25: Twonny

Links: Grand Finals / Top 3 / Top 8 / Bracket / PNWR2E Standings

MK9 (16 Entrants)
1: Kevin 7 ($56.00)
2: Vastly ($16.00)
3: STB|EGP Shujinkydink ($8.00)
4: HangNail

5: Knaterror
5: Pagan
7: Johnzilla
7: Goopynose
9: STB|Goldfish
9: STB|McNasty
9: Sunny
9: Joey Classic
13: Inseron
13: Jordan
13: Green
13: Connor

Links: Grand Finals / Top 4 / Top 8 / Bracket

VF5FS (12 Entrants)
1: MasaRED ($42.00)
2: R_Panda ($12.00)
3: Zass ($6.00)
4: Shouta

5: Mike B
5: Lindstrom
7: ZonyMash
7: Quickdrraw
9: STB|EGP Shujinkydink
9: Twonny
9: STB|Goldfish
9: Jared

Links: Grand Finals / Losers Finals / Winners Finals / Bracket

SCV (11 Entrants)
1: Lindstrom ($42.00)
2: Jdaco ($14.00)
3: Cam

4: AD&D
5: The Show
5: STB|EGP Shujinkydink
7: Blaccy
7: Bushidocamp
9: 3.14lot
9: Krynxe
9: STB|McNasty

Links: Grand Finals coming soon / Bracket

TTT2 (8 Entrants)
1: Psylence ($30.00)
2: Jamashawalker ($10.00)
3: Vicious_Lee

4: Monstroso
5: Shouta
5: Serpent
7: The Show
7: Arkaniss

Links: Replays coming soon / Bracket

KOF XIII (8 Entrants)
1: Mechanica ($30.00)
2: Sam B ($10.00)
3: Dave O

4: The Show
5: What Delicious Grapes (Dylan)
5: WDG|Full of Potatoes (Duggish)
7: JayjesReflecting
7: Finelikewine49

Links: Grand Finals / Bracket

P4U (8 Entrants)
1: Huey253 ($30.00)
2: SRKUW|Shaka ($10.00)
3: Dave O

4: talking_chicken
5: SRKUW|Sam No
5: SRKUW|Loz
7: Gilchrestius
7: D.Kane

Links: Grand Finals coming soon / Bracket

SFxT 2013 (6 Entrants)
1: FCRacer ($22.00)
2: Serpent ($8.00)
3: Shouta

4: SRKUW|Shaka
5: Topher
5: MachineKing1313

Links: Grand Finals / Bracket

Thank you to everyone who came out! We actually beat last month's numbers which is crazy. Because of all the communities involved, we held 9 different events!
  • MK9 was the definite surprise of the night filling up a 16-man bracket with others arriving later as well. Shoutouts to STB|EGP Shujinkydink and STB|Goldfish for making it to this event from Canada and bringing a lot of excitement.
  • VF5FS was another surprise with Portland promising early support despite shaky attendance in the past. This is not an easy thing for people who travel to do. It worked out for the best as Seattle made sure to make this event including Masa!
  • For the 4th month straight, AE 2012 had 27+ entrants. It is normally a very difficult thing for games to have a steady number of entrants and this is really an example of how much stronger our community has gotten since post-Evo 2012. The number of offline, online, and rivalries in the Northwest have made a big difference. Special mention goes out to the TKD crew for bringing so many entrants out.
  • UMvC3 saw strong support from the Oregon scene and strong results as well from Jamashawalker and 1TruKing making the top 8. There were a number of regulars who could not make this event, but there were also some surprises as well. I'm very interested to see which 8 will qualify for the PNWR2E. I'd also like to thank our UMvC3 players who stuck around hours after the tournament concluded with casuals, money matches, and more. It added a lot to the feel of this month's Slugfest.
  • SCV ended up being one of the stronger events again even with its early start time and frankly, a lack of communication on my end. Special mention goes out to our south scene once again. Soulcalibur is a series that has a lot of history in the Seattle area and I'm happy that it remain a reason to attend our events and see the old guys and the new compete.
  • TTT2 continued with its 6th straight tournament at Saturday Slugfest since TTT2's launch with Psylence picking up his 3rd straight win. It also had its surprised with Jamashawalker expecting very little, but finding himself taking 2nd and placing in the money. We also had one of our more dedicated supporters, Vicious_Lee, rounding out the top 3. Tournaments and sessions occurring in the North is not something that has happened regularly with much success, but I'm thankful this is able to continue.
  • KOF XIII also continued with its 6th straight tournament at Saturday Slugfest. Leading up to this event, we've seen a bit of a revival in the Seatte area. KOF XIII has returned to weeklies providing players a chance to play before the monthlies. It is also showing up in other sessions as well as more players give it a shot. Sam B's win last month left a lot of motivation for our players. Despite not winning, taking Grand Finals to 3-2 and placing 2nd should leave our players with something to thing about for next month, one I'm very excited for considering the players that will be making it.
  • P4U's presence has been something we have not done a good job of enabling despite the interest in our region, but it was able occur once again due to the support of our regulars and the surprise attendance of Huey253. Most players are looking for a runback, so I am looking foward to next month and the hopes that we can build up the northern community.
  • Finally, this was our first event for SFxT 2013. Despite its early start time, we were still able to get a 6-person bracket together with FCRacer being our first SFxT 2013 champion. I'm happy this happened and am hoping we can build the scene for this game.
On the organizational front, most tournaments ran very close to our scheduled start time due to us getting together the brackets earlier. I know this was a surprise for many of you, but this was something we stated prior to the event and really meant, especially after my success with this change since last month's Gamebreakerz monthly. For the most part, I am pleased with how this went. With the exception of only a few players, most people showed up or let us know more than a half hour ahead of time and we were able to keep things moving despite, once again, having 9 events.

In terms of setups, while we were able to gather equipment for all events, this was something we could definitely improve on and will be doing so for the next event. MK9 definitely needed more setups for the shocking number of players we had. More Capcom setups will be needed in order to facilitate warm-up. We'll also be working on a better floor plan for this event.

There are a lot of people to thank for this event and I know no matter how I do it, I'm going to leave people out so I apologize ahead of time. Our bracket runners for this event included Sunny, STB|McNasty, Cam, Psylence, FCRacer, Shouta, SRKUW|Randall, tLoz|Duggish, tLoz|Kaleo, Zass, Mike B, SRKUW|Loz, and Chris. Special thanks go out to Shouta, HangNail, STB|McNasty, Vastly, Sunny, Psylence, Vicious_Lee, 3.14lot, Cam, Ebonic Plague, Hiipower, Huey253, The Show, Duggish, R_Panda, Mike B, Gieft, Kaleo, and TKD|NOS K-Pop for everything they do for their communities. Most importantly, thanks to Jenny for the plates of homemade cookies and Duggish for the pizza.

Khaos Gaming was, once again, not only responsible for streaming and recording Saturday's event, but they also brought many from Portland to compete as well.

Last, but not least, thanks to Chris Anderson again for his work in organizing, supporting, and running this event in one of the few places able to handle something like this. From the VIP service to sponsoring three players for the PNWR2E to the constant support of all games, these are put together as a result of his work.

GameClucks Saturday Slugfest IX will be taking place on Saturday, March 16. In addition to our normal lineup, we will also be adding DOA5 due to the work of that community. I hope you can join us then!
Until then, our Portland friends will be holding Best Bout Beatdown 21 on Saturday, March 2nd.
This week is also the SeattleVersus Pot Bonus Battles for February.

Finally, we hold weeklies every Thursday at Another Castle Video Games!

I hope to see you all again soon!

Community Pages
Seattle FGC: Northwest Street Fighter
MK9: Northwest Mortal Kombat
SCV: 8WAYRUN - [Seattle, WA] Ragin' in the Rain
KOF XIII: KOF Northwest
TTT2: Seattle Tekken and seattletekken.com
P4A: PNW Airdashers and Dustloop - The Pacific Northwest
VF5FS: Northwest Virtua Fighter
DOA5: Northwest Dead or Alive 5 Community
FGC in the U District, Seattle, WA: Shoryuken UW

Upcoming Monthlies
[Sat, Feb 23] SeattleVersus PB Battles #3 (Auburn, WA)
[Sat, Mar 2] Best Bout Beatdown 21 (Portland, OR)
[Sat, Mar 9] Battle for Seattle - March 2013 (Auburn, WA)
[Sat, Mar 16] GameClucks Saturday Slugfest IX (Lynnwood, WA)
[Sat, Apr 6] Vancouver Overture 18 (Burnaby, BC)

[Thursdays] GameClucks Thursday Night Fights @ Another Castle (Edmonds, WA)
[Every other Friday] FT5 Fridays @ Gamebreakerz (Auburn, WA)

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    Previous Events
    Full results and replays are available in the following links
    [Sat, Feb 16] Saturday Slugfest VIII (87) | AE 2012: Sam B (28) | UMvC3: SRKUW|Darryn (24) | MK9: Kevin 7 (16) | VF5FS: MasaRED (12) | SCV: Lindstrom (11) | TTT2: Psylence (8) | KOF XIII: Mechanica (8) | P4U: Huey253 (8) | SFxT: FCRacer (6)
    [Sat, Jan 12] Saturday Slugfest VII (81) | UMvC3: SRKUW|Darryn (32) | AE 2012: Finelikewine49 (28) | MK9: HangNail (10) | KOF XIII: Sam B (10) | TTT2: Psylence (8) | SCV: Cam (8) | P4A: Shaka (8)
    [Sat, Dec 15] Saturday Slugfest VI (59) | AE 2012: AfroCole (27) | UMvC3: BG|Rattana (16) | SCV: Heaton (10) | KOF XIII: Sam B (8) | TTT2: Psylence (6) | MK9: McNasty (4) | VF5FS: R_Panda (4)
    [Sat, Nov 17] Saturday Slugfest V (58) | AE 2012: AfroCole (28) | UMvC3: DrDoomKills (11) | TTT2: Colton (10) | KOF XIII: Mechanica (8) | VF5FS: Mike B (7) | MK9: Kevin 7 (5) | P4A: WANG (5)
    [Sat, Oct 20] Saturday Slugfest IV (62) | AE 2012: Joyfull78 (14) | P4A: Kaigu (14) | UMvC3: Cam (13) | TTT2: Seattlebadboy (11) | KOF XIII: Mechanica (8) | SCV: Cam (8) | MK9: Mofuzz (7) | VF5FS: Zass (4)
    [Sat, Sep 15] Saturday Slugfest III (34) | AE 2012: Duncan (14) | KOF XIII: Mechanica (8) | TTT2: Colton (8) | VF5FS: MasaRED (7) | UMvC3: Rattana (6)
    [Sat, Aug 4] Saturday Slugfest II (36) | AE 2012: Finelikewine49 (14) | UMvC3: Rattana (12) | VF5FS: MasaRED (9) | MK9: Duncan (6)
    [Sat, Jul 14] Saturday Slugfest (19) | AE 2012: Bokkin (9) | UMvC3: Rattana (8) | VF5FS: AfroCole (6)

    AE 2012
    PNWR2E: Standings
    Sam B (28): SS8
    Finelikewine49 (28): SS7
    AfroCole (27): SS6
    AfroCole (28): SS5
    Joyfull78 (14): SS4
    Duncan (14): SS3
    Finelikewine49 (14): SS2
    Bokkin (9): SS1

    PNWR2E: Standings
    SRKUW|Darryn (24): SS8
    SRKUW|Darryn (32): SS7
    BG|Rattana (16): SS6
    DrDoomKills (11): SS5
    Cam (13): SS4
    Rattana (6): SS3
    Rattana (12): SS2
    Rattana (8): SS1

    Kevin 7 (16): SS8
    HangNail (10): SS7
    McNasty (4): SS6
    Kevin 7 (5): SS5
    Mofuzz (7): SS4
    Duncan (6): SS2

    MasaRED (12): SS8
    R_Panda (4): SS6
    Mike B (7): SS5
    Zass (4): SS4
    MasaRED (7): SS3
    MasaRED (9): SS2
    AfroCole (6): SS1


    Lindstrom (11): SS8
    Cam (8): SS7
    Lindstrom (10): SS6
    Cam (8): SS4

    Mechanica (8): SS8
    Sam B (10): SS7
    Sam B (8): SS6
    Mechanica (8): SS5
    Mechanica (8): SS4
    Mechanica (8): SS3

    Psylence (8): SS8
    Psylence (8): SS7
    Psylence (6): SS6
    Colton (10): SS5
    Seattlebadboy (11): SS4
    Colton (8): SS3

    Huey253 (8): SS8
    SRKUW|Shaka (8): SS7
    WANG (5): SS5
    Kaigu (14): SS4

    SFxT 2013
    FCRacer (6): SS8

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