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    Looking forward to these improvements! Thank you! :D
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    edited February 2013
    Please bring back an old school blue theme...................
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    How about bringing back the feedback rating in the Trading Outlet? I've lost ~50 feedbacks (all positive) with the last 2 major overhauls. I'm sure the peeps that have more feedback are more po'ed then me, LOL!

    Also a revised notification option so I can choose to be notified once per thread or once for every new post.
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    Sweet! Good to see bigger AVs are in the works!
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    The ad that plays automatically in the top right corner (currently running the M&M Valentine commercial) is going to force me to quit this site. Is there a way to turn it off in Safari?
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    Thanks for the character limit increase! Now I can edit my combo threads again! <3
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    Twitch.tv embedding? For streams and such?
    Notations / buttons for combo threads.
    Youtube embedding.
    TAPATALK app integration.

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    edited February 2013
    Bit of a dislike so far for me. Size is weird, searching for old stuff doesn't work, lost all feedback.... some tool bar buttons none responsive (or just not there anymore).

    Won't even know if someone responds...since the notifications don't work either.  

    Site was cool the way it was. 

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    Everything is wrong. Layout looks terrible, nothing works, character forums are in the most random places (lol at Lars SFxT character forum), old links are broken. 

    What was wrong with it before?
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    Then fix notifications and basic BBC code functions. I tried posting an image and no go with the [IMG] [/IMG] code. 
    The last forum this didn't even work properly so why did you start using it now? 
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    Thank you, thank you, thank you, that you're going to fix the youtube BB codes. It woulda been a huge pain to completely redo the Thor forums.

    I hope you also bring back the :atk: :uf: :l: :rdp: pictures, too. Those were useful, and without them, all the combo threads look bad.
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    on my selling thread I can't no longer edit my first post, but I can edit the rest of my posts
  • SoVi3tSoVi3t Behind The Iron Curtain Joined: Posts: 12,861Registered
    Please fix quotes, notifications, and spoilers (doesn't show spoiler= info) and I will be satisfied.
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    There seems to be a glitch. If I edit the first post of my Paul Combo Thread, it seems I can move it to another characters sub-forum.
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    edited February 2013
    What's the point of the Mortal Kombat section still having all the characters on the front page when nobody posts on the forums anymore or even play the game? Hardly warrants such convinience IMO for a dead game, just takes space unnecessarily, even Super Turbo would benefit from it more than MK.

    BTW can you get the page selector to the top part of site too? Currently it's only at the bottom so you have to scroll all the way down to choose a page, tedious. Also the custom comments under the user names are still kind of messed up, mine for instance looks silly when it's displaced like that. ALSO also, the "mark all forums read" button could be placed somewhere else than the user control gear over there maybe.
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    While I don't agree MK is a dead game, anyone who's worth a damn in MK would likely rather post in TYM anyway.
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    Old :dp:, :buttons:, :etc: icons, Spoiler info Tags, Youtube links.

    I don't want to have to redo the X23 thread...

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    Pertho said:
    Mr. Puppy said:
    i still cannot believe you all actually paid for this shit

    Don't be retarded. All of the forum software which SRK has used had a lot of man hours worth of hacks/mods to make them do the things they used to do. So you can either be happy to have some dedicated people doing this for free or you could stick your head into your ass and block the passage of shit you are posting. Either one works; doing both will improve the community.
    wow you sure told me.  every other forum on the planet is better than this POS, and you get all pissed off b/c somebody points out how terrible it is? 
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    Any ETA on when the ol' :atk: images are coming back?
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    savaii64 said:
    Sweet! Good to see bigger AVs are in the works!
    This is srk dude get the freakin signature out of here...
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    Dark theme and animated pictures will be very much appreciated! And detailed avatars too!
  • AlMoStLeGeNdArYAlMoStLeGeNdArY Joined: Posts: 653Registered
    Can you make it compatible with tapatalk again it's borderline impossible to use from my phone.
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    god they're even talking about how shitty it is on spooky's stream.  "what a horrible mess of a forum that has become"
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    Any ETA on when the ol' :atk: images are coming back?
    This. Combo threads are a blowup right now.
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    Please bring back an old school blue theme...................

    Dunno if you seen it already but Kyle has the blue steel theme, it rocks. Do it. 
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