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Hi guys,

Thanks for providing feedback on the migration.  As we all know, there have been some bumps in the road, but we're committed to improving things.  Despite the hiccups, I'm happy to report that the migration has succeeded in it's overall goal, which is to improve the site's performance and reliability.  The new forums load faster than before and we've eliminated the pesky down times and crashes of our old setup.

Here are some of the improvements we'll be implementing over the next two weeks or so:

In Progress
  • Restore the recent/hot post header at the top of the forum.
  • Allow users to delete their own posts
  • Support for [img] bbcodes
  • Fixed http://youtube.com/watch?v= bbcodes
  • Fix the ability to re-show categories that are manually hidden on the front page
  • 2/19/2012: Quadrupled the character limit.
  • 2/20/2012: Fix Strategy Zone
  • 2/21/2012: Allow expand/collapse of major sections of the forum front page with the - icon in the upper right of each section.
  • 2/25/2012: Fix redirects from shoryuken.com/forums to forums.shoryuken.com.
  • 2/26/2012: A dark theme, with a selector to choose between light and dark themes.  We will fix the white flash when loading the dark theme pages
  • 2/27/2012: Bigger Avatar size, with support for animated GIFs.  We will fix the blurry scaling of the avatars.

Thanks for your patience as we continue to iron out the speedbumps.

UPDATE: I'll use this space to keep you guys notified of everything we're working on and check them off as they're completed.

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  • zUkUuzUkUu Theory Pro Joined: Posts: 3,188Registered
    Character limit not on the agenda? Goodbye combo threads. =(
  • LouiscipherLouiscipher Joined: Posts: 4,443Registered
    Then fix notifications and basic BBC code functions. I tried posting an image and no go with the [IMG] [/IMG] code. 
  • The MartianThe Martian I squee for Squigly. Joined: Posts: 1,418Registered
    Oh, and one thing that doesn't seem to be working is putting images into spoilers. Just in case no one noticed. 
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  • LouiscipherLouiscipher Joined: Posts: 4,443Registered
    Oh, and one thing that doesn't seem to be working is putting images into spoilers. Just in case no one noticed. 
    Yeah, that happened to me. 
  • CiscoCisco better than you Joined: Posts: 2,942Registered
    • Notifications
    • the quote boxes
    • an archive for my great old threads.
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  • Return of ShikiReturn of Shiki Your favorite game sucks Joined: Posts: 4,359Registered
    Restoring the ability to disable signatures would be nice, too.
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  • SirMixahLotSirMixahLot Joined: Posts: 133Registered
  • Phantom AngelPhantom Angel ファントム Joined: Posts: 899Registered
    Is Tapatalk going to be reintegrated?
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  • ifbpwnstarifbpwnstar Joined: Posts: 498Registered
    woot much better priority list now
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  • The MartianThe Martian I squee for Squigly. Joined: Posts: 1,418Registered
    So how exactly do "levels" work?

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  • ThiefZeroThiefZero <YL3 Joined: Posts: 74Registered
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    The forum itself is way too stretched out, the header on top is not in centre. It looks weird with the rest of the page sticking out on the far right. Also, on the Forum Page, you are being squashed with the chaotic view of not only ALL the different forums but also all the SUB forums. Figured I'd be able to hide it, I clicked the cog wheel and selected hide. This actually removes the very Forum section!! How the hell do I get it back (couldn't find anything useful in my profile/settings page)? Why not have a clickable section for each game, and when you click it stuff expands. If that's too difficult to implement atleast hide the sub forums (we dont NEED to have ALL the characters listed on the MAIN forum page).

    So for example:

    Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Forums
    -> General Discussion
    -> Newbie Dojo
    -> Character Discussion
    ----> All characters contained by Character Discussion above

    To clean things up even more, you can have only a header for each game, and have those sub categories expand. Experiment with it. You guys have a lot of games on the forums.

    If I have said anything that is already possible in some way, please tell me. I might have overlooked things, but also please understand that browsing this very site has become a nightmare for me. It's very unintuitive and chaotic.

    Also, the site is so incredibly white because there is no width limit. It simply stretches out as far as it can. Seeing as how you there's probably a dark background, if you introduced a width limit the side borders of the site would remain solid dark. This would effectively reduce the brightness of the site, whilst at the same time making the forum nicer and easier to browse. Reading text will be nicer because it'll be more stacked as opposed to being huge long lines. Information gets more concentrated instead of being spread out, this reduces the overall chaoticness of the website.

    I hope this'll help.

    To sum it up:
    • Clickable forum headers which expand to see sub forums contained. Click again to collapse.
    • How do you get forums hidden with the cogwheel back? (though this "functionality" might be best removed if you apply the point above)
    • Set a width limit. (hopefully this will center the SRK Header and reduce overall brightness, if not; Center header and introduce darker elements)
    • Show how many likes/agrees/disagrees a post has without having to hover over it.
    • There's probably more, I might add things later.

    edit: I'm running Firefox 19.0

  • Raz0rRaz0r Just as planned... Joined: Posts: 3,958Registered
    Can we add "make sweet love" to that list?
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  • The DukeThe Duke Watch ya feet and dome. And don't get scooped! Joined: Posts: 10,995Registered
    Bring back the old button icons.
  • Time pantsTime pants Maybe Evil Ryu is just misunderstood? Joined: Posts: 104Registered
    edited February 2013
    I've noticed that when I hit the "Back" and "Forward" buttons on my mobile browser, I am always taken to the very last page of the topic, regardless of which page I was previously on.

    Edit: Oh, bringing back spoiler headers would fix a lot of problems the transition caused in the combo/strategy threads.
  • Mr.PaVy-RDMr.PaVy-RD Joined: Posts: 1,271Registered
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    see? i got  likes from my comment and i wasnt even notified about it 
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  • AntonioAntonio You are defeated Joined: Posts: 100Registered
    i hope for is that you guys can restore all the youtube videos because so much important information was lost in the transition  :(
  • derrykderryk mister science brain Joined: Posts: 3,140Registered
    2nded for Tapatalk
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  • M4thaM4tiksM4thaM4tiks Joined: Posts: 4Registered
    can we have tapatak reintergrated, have xentrader back, wish there was a more organized way for the forums 
  • TheBlackHombreTheBlackHombre Aesthetic Joined: Posts: 797Registered
    I want keyboard shortcuts to work in posts. Example: ctrl + b, ctrl + i, etc. This should also allow us to open notifications in new tabs by using ctrl + click, or right clicking, and pressing new tab (which doesn't work now). :(
  • JetpackJesus808JetpackJesus808 I wish Lee was in SFxT Joined: Posts: 840Registered
    Are signatures and other missing parts of the Profile editor going to be fixed soon?
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  • SRKFADCSRKFADC World's Greatest Swordsmen Joined: Posts: 1,531Registered
    need that tapatalk!
  • TRUEB7UETRUEB7UE The Once and Future King Joined: Posts: 102Registered
    Good stuff, thanks for keeping us updated.
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    zUkUu said:
    Character limit not on the agenda? Goodbye combo threads. =(
    Just start a new thread with the post split into multiple posts. Use this as a chance to organize instead and have individual posts for individual combo types (normal, counter-hit, etc.) or chracter specific combos, and then link to those posts in the first post.

    Are signatures and other missing parts of the Profile editor going to be fixed soon?

    Siganture editing is disabled for non-moderators until they can figure out how to block images and video embeds in sigs.

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