Practice routine?

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Just wondering if any Guile's on here want to share some training room reps that they practice.  I'm looking to boost my execution and was looking for some inspiration as to what to practice.


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    Hi GoMagi Karp, To practice solely on execution, I usually start with warm up Bnb's for 25 - 30min to get my rhythm/ timing down. - j.rd , c.mp > boom - j.rd , c.mp > fk - j.rd , c.mp > s.fierce ( this combo looks sick!) Then I focus on the 1 framers due to their difficulty which include; - Focus lvl 1/2 c.lk , c.jab , c.mp > fk - J.rd , c.lk , c.jab , c.mp > fk - J.rd , c.lk , c.jab , c.mp > boom - UDK , c.mp > boom - UDK , s.fierce > boom - UDK, c jab , c.mp > boom / fk ( very very strict timing) - UDK, c jab , c.mp > boom > c.rd - UDK, c jab , c.mp > boom > back fist The combos above should be practiced in sets of repetition. Try practicing them in sets of 10 or more with flawless execution. If you mess up, then do it all over again. I kid you not your execution will get better with this sort of approach in mind. Hope this helps!
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    I definitely practice those a bunch, but I get bored really fast with them.  I usually do must of those while throwing in Flashkick fadc ultra 2, but I'm sort of bored of that, and my player 2 side is still only half consistent.  Lately I've been copying Nem's cr.mpxxboom,cr.mpxxbom,dfhk, flashkick which has been interesting, but it's corner only and really difficult.  Are their any Unique combos that you practice, like boomxxFADC triple dash and crossup, or some endless corner canceling loops?
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