Official complain about the new forum layout thread.



  • Axl_m4sterAxl_m4ster This is how I look like, don't make fun Joined: Posts: 2,270Registered
    scratch what i said, its not a troll button. ts a troll point meter.
    there's points based meter shit as follows:
    promote off topic disagree agree like spam abuse troll

    now, i see at the bottom of posts the options to
    flag quote off topic disagree agree like

    i wonder how someone can get troll points?
    only one way to find out! right guys?
  • Spirit JuiceSpirit Juice 「HATES EVERYTHING」 Joined: Posts: 8,941Registered
    My only complaint is the lack of different colored skins, mainly a dark one. Lack of contrast is a bit much on the eyes. EVERYTHING IS SO BRIGHT. Otherwise I can't complain so long as the forums don't take 5 minutes to post a reply like before.
  • Ken34Ken34 a.k.a Kira Yamato Joined: Posts: 3,399Registered
    its too bright, and how do you edit signatures...i dont want this shit embeded everytime i post......
  • HawkingbirdHawkingbird Joined: Posts: 5,905Registered
    Avatars got tiny now. Not feeling this. I miss SRK blue

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  • goodm0urninggoodm0urning #1 Joined: Posts: 11,229Registered
    I assume bookmarks are the replacement for watched threads, just as watched threads once cruelly usurped thread subscriptions, yes?
  • konkretekonkrete NCV Joined: Posts: 2,321Registered
    Am I seeing this correctly? Am I seeing youtube vids in signatures? that should change...
  • The Furious OneThe Furious One Fluent in 3 languages Engrish, Sarcasm & Profanity Joined: Posts: 9,864Registered
    I like it more than the old forum, but thread titles need more vertical padding, avatars are tiny and a dark theme would be very welcomed! :)
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  • Syke1Syke1 Astagfirullah Joined: Posts: 7,193Registered, Moderators
    What is "roles verified/non verified"?
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  • voodazzvoodazz WORST. RACIST. EVER. Joined: Posts: 2,995Registered
    There's not enough contrast between the light blue and light gray and white background; it makes it hard to read--at least for me.

    Where is the smilely menu?

    No spoiler tags yet?

    It seems the forums are looking more and more generic with each big change. There's not really a personality here anymore that distinguishes this forum from some other out of the box random forum template you see online. Then again, this is powered by a company called "Vanilla Forums" so maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

    Anyway, I'm just glad srk is back to satiate that humongous void in my life that hookers and drugs can't seem to fill.
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  • Jet Set DizzyJet Set Dizzy Night of the Defender Joined: Posts: 2,252Registered
    It's ugly and the new avs are sooooo tinnnnny yuck.
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  • yah yaahh b*tch!yah yaahh b*tch! thats my b*tch Joined: Posts: 3,752Registered
    Warpticon said:

    White background is fine...baby blue text on white background is NO.

    ROTFLLLL right?
  • leileilolleileilol Joined: Posts: 434Registered
    I welcome the lack of avatar animation
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  • PreppyPreppy act like you're used to it Joined: Posts: 10,635Registered, Moderators, Premium
    Notifications are kind of useless right now: I now get notified of each new post in a thread, versus the old "here's the first post since the last time you read it" helpfulness under the old system.


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  • Minerva_SCMinerva_SC Get on my level Joined: Posts: 1,028Registered
    Probably the worst forum I have ever seen.
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  • I am AhI am Ah Joined: Posts: 99Registered
    I don't mind it. I will be glad for all the people that will leave because of their distaste for it.
  • AlteisenReiseAlteisenReise Have Fightstick Will Travel Joined: Posts: 21Registered
    I can accept change, but this will probably take some getting used to. The forum lists are all messed up...
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  • HawkingbirdHawkingbird Joined: Posts: 5,905Registered
    Everything looks small and cramped. It's very annoying to sort through.
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  • DramatixDramatix Bullshit at your convenience. Joined: Posts: 2,013Registered
    I could be on a slow computer right now, but the layout feels so odd and clunky. I don't like it so far.
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  • Exodus.Exodus. Joined: Posts: 857Registered
    edited February 2013
    That was Cryoh, with the swaggerin black dude.

    I'm with Preppy on the notification per post. That's the only big problem, imo. I want a darker skin too, but the notification thing is the real problem.
    voodazz said:

    No spoiler tags yet?

    I think you have to <> for spoilers, idk quote someone with a spoiler and it shows you how to do it i think.. unless you meant spoiler button, which would be a big help.
    ...but what do I know?
  • Shadow AceShadow Ace It all starts with this.... Joined: Posts: 981Registered
    Agree's and like's are really mixing me up
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  • shatterstarshatterstar still unauthorized Joined: Posts: 7,770Registered
    still slow even on fast connections.

    smaller av's.

    too bright.

    basically it's the same damn complaints from the last time the forum was upgraded.

    unnecessary changes with zero improvements.

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  • spideymanspideyman Much Luv to the Midwest Joined: Posts: 2,182Registered
    The white hurts my eyes and I lost all the threads I was following.
    Much love to the midwest.
  • ExtremeYoshiFanExtremeYoshiFan Joined: Posts: 937Registered
    edited February 2013
    The avatars are too small and no longer seem to be animated. That could be either good or bad, depending on the person.

    Also, longer usernames, such as my own, seem to be cut-off. I am also quite disappointed that subscribed threads are gone.

    It appears that the [url][/url] BBCode doesn't work either. That is just strange. I also don't know how one can embed a video, and that feature would be quite useful.
  • ThirteenthorderThirteenthorder Gloria? Never heard of the girl. #kappa Joined: Posts: 1,347Registered

  • King9999King9999 Beware the nice ones Joined: Posts: 5,834Registered

    Agree's and like's are really mixing me up

    Yeah, seems kinda redundant. Definitely keep the disagree button though.
  • PreppyPreppy act like you're used to it Joined: Posts: 10,635Registered, Moderators, Premium
    The SFxT forum owns many other forums:
    * http://forums.shoryuken.com/categories/street-fighter-x-tekken-character-discussion

    Congratulations! I for one support the new SFxT overlords.


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  • Faith From HellFaith From Hell Less Ego = More Soul Joined: Posts: 1,296Registered
    Forum got nerfed and is too terribly imbalanced to put up for sale.
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