Official complain about the new forum layout thread.

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I hate change
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    I joined 3 years ago wow
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    I can't figure out how to delete threads so I'm just going to leave it here
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    u suck
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    *agree, like* ad nausem

    I wish they can run these things by us first. Or at least just communicate better. And we STILL don't have a spoiler tag button. Like wtf?
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    Wow, no search option? Please tell I'm overlooking something.

    Edit: Haha, I found it. Damn lack of contrast. >__<
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    Damn thought the site was hacked at first. I missed SRK lol. can we have bigger avs??
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    Stickied Announced... have fun lol
    Respected... simple as that.
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    i don't like change
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    Change is good, but the forums still need work. I noticed that all my bookmarks are gone, and we really don't have much in the way of options.
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    i want some fries with my taco

    im level 1 lol
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    Give me SRK dark back please and I won't complain about no spoiler button. Also yeah I don't know the difference between agree and like buttons lol.
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    i don't really want to complain about anything, but it would be nice if the avatar size didn't consist of 40x40 mini-thumbnails.

    Rodimus said:

    Damn thought the site was hacked at first. I missed SRK lol. can we have bigger avs??

    Seriously this. I miss having a decently sized square avatar. I also agree that we need a darker background color that the previous forum had. And lastly, isn't the agree feature a bit redundant if we have the like feature already?

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    I'm not sure how alot of this is supposed to work. My AV is blurry for some reason, likes seem to be gone...holy shit this is way different.

    EDIT: Nevermind, didn't know you had to hover over the comment to like.
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    I like the Disagree function. Gives me less reason to retort, just hit the button and keep it movin!

    No problems here.
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    Agree/Disagree/Like buttons are fine, and I never used subscriptions.

    If someone gets the time to make an additional skin for this forum, could you please, please do us all a huge favor and bring back "SRK Black" in some form or fashion? That's probably the one thing everyone misses the most. A dark background with white text was always easier on the eyes.

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    forget everything else. i need either SRK black or OG SRK blue.
    i prefer blue.

    also, i dunno how many of you guys have noticed...but there is a troll button now to go along with agree, disagree, off topic, etc...but as far as i can tell...its only found on a person's profile page.

    some of yall are getting troll buttoned.

    just coz.
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    Outside of the stuff everyone else has said i don't get whats with the giant empty grey square of nothingness thats at the top of the screen now on the right. Sizing doesn't seem to work well either (shrink the width of your screen and watch what happens to the menubar). I'm just assuming this isn't finished yet and it will end up changing again later. Hopefully soon
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    How about that SRK Steel Blue?
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    Give me them 2008 av sizes. And I cant see my "watched" threads.
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