Having Troubles With Hakan Combos Plz Help

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I'm having troubles with hakan's combos. I just recently got a madcatz stick 3 days ago
It is impossible for me to do St Lp, St Lp, St lp (3hits) or St Lk, St Lk, St Lk, Fw Lk (3 hits).
Even 2 hit combos with LP or Lk is extremely difficult without resorting to Turbo.
However I can do the same combos using ryu or ken with no problem. With ryu it is quite easy for me to do St Lp, St Lp, St Lp 100% of times and the same combos is hard using hakan
Above are my most concern and I would appreciate if someone can help

I'm also having trouble to connect Fw Lk into Oiol Slide. Is there a trick to do that on a stick?
thank you


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    Hi there. I think I could help or at least offer a little bit of assistance to get you closer to landing your combos.
    For starters, Hakan has no chaining normals outside of cr. lk and that's only when oiled. His light hit combos are all links unlike Ryu's lp combos, which are chains. If you are unfamiliar with links at all, you'll probably struggle with this for a while, because it's all a matter of timing. The timing for his light hit links are all the same however, each is a 1 frame link if I'm not mistaken, which is not easy to do on a normal basis unless you get them down and practice consistently to keep them down.Try referring to the srk strategy guide for Hakan for frame data and such so you can get an idea of what his advantages are for his normals on hit.
    If you've never played on a stick before, there is also a matter of getting used to that.... I commend you for choosing Hakan though. ^_^

    As for the F. Lk into slide, you'll just have to practice getting that input down. When you do the F. Lk though, practice putting the stick in neutral though before you do the QCF motion, if you're sloppy you might accidentally get an Oil Rocket. I hope I was some help at all with at least identifying what you missed in terms of why you are having trouble.
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    Been reading about sticks recently. Are you hakan players use Octagonal or Square gate?
    My stick is square by default and I'm wondering if I should change to Octagonal or stick with it.
    thank you
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