What fighting game would you like to see brought back for next gen?



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    Power Stone 3 or at least a Power Stone HD Collection. I wanna hear OH NO! again...
    A Fighters Megamix Remake would be the shit too.
    Karin Kanzuki!
    SSF4-Ibuki, Rose(sorta)
    SFxT-Karin+Nina,Lili, whoever else interests me.
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    fighters history dynamite hd remix plz, made by the team that did double dragon neon to ensure the 90s flavour remains intact. or a new samsho based on 2
    Louis Lam wrote:
    I've always liked to think of MvC3 as a MvC2 parody with really heavy satire on modern fighters.
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    . Honestly, how do you make four Bloody Roar games and not include a bear in the cast?  That's a travesty!

    Actually 5 if you count Primal Fury.

    I wouldn't mind seeing another Gorilla, Boar, or fox like fady like the characters in BR1 that were thrown out.


  • felinekifelineki Joined: Posts: 909Registered
    As amusing as the idea of a new Pocket Fighter sounds, I think it runs into the same problem Darkstalkers does: cartoonish aesthetics and animation techniques that don't translate to 3D well. And just think of all the costumes you'd have to model for each character.
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    I'm still waiting for a sequel to MvC2.

    Wasn't the sequel called Skull Girls? Kappa
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