I lost every match i played online



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    Stop putting what on a pedestal? Now you're bringing my skill level into the conversation about the definition of cheap? Okay man, you go ahead and equip that +3 stick of hypocrisy.

    You took both of my most recent posts completely out of context and are quite obviously offended. If you didn't care or could not care less, you wouldn't have posted a rebuttal to a post you took personally when it wasn't even directed at you. I was directing my post towards the definition you had posted, not your personal views. Your post makes direct mention of "of little worth because achieved in a discreditable way requiring little effort: her moment of cheap triumph". My mention of invalidating a win was in regards to your post about the definition of cheap. A win is a win dude and you would agree with me if you really felt that nothing in a fighting game is "cheap" as you had just posted. I would also agree that it is unsportsman-like to rage quit before your match is over, regardless of who you are or what your skill level is.

    My sentence about "this is turning into scrub quotes #2" was a reference to the back and forth conversations that have been going on in the original thread about what is cheap, what is not, what is honorable, what is not, what defines a scrub, what does not. I wasn't saying anyone in this thread was a scrub or had a scrubby attitude. I was merely making reference to the likeness of the recent posts here to the original thread.

    Lastly, what the hell does that part about me playing to win and you doing the same but without caring? That's so backwards and hypocrtical it's almost not funny. You aren't playing to win if you don't care. I'm sorry, I really don't understand what you're trying to say here. I'd ask you to clarify but I know you do not care and will not request you waste your time.

    So instead of taking a step back to objectively read and respond to my post, you decided that you would insult how well I can play or my ability to win a tournament when you've never seen me play, don't know who I am and don't even know if I have interest in playing competitively. And who the hell are you anyways, pal? I've never seen your name anywhere for any game ever. We could sling this shit back and forth all day and all night. I don't need to swing any further insults at you and you should consider the same. This forum is for helping newer players and we've gotten way off base here, dude. Let's ceasefire here with the personal jabs, eh?
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    It would be great if you two could take your argument to PMs. Thanks.
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    Stop right there. There are no cheap tactics.

    lots of people seem to think this up until the point where they find out their opponent is using autofire/macros/altered controller/etc. IMO saying there's no such thing as a cheap tactic is no good. there's always shit we'll all despise even if we don't want to acknowledge it as cheap. that fact takes away from the real point that needs to be made, which is this: every action, tactic, and strategy conceivable has conditions that need to be fulfilled before it can work. so long as you have the power to interfere with those conditions, you will always have a chance to win. whether that chance is 70% or 0.1% is irrelevant; it's up to the player to do everything in their power to increase their chances of winning.

    Not a single win,i always try to be mobile,combo around,do more moves than just stay crouched and throw a kick or a punch.

    It seems liek everybody's so cheap,not trying to do anything besides staying crouched and waiting for you.

    I'm getting an arcade stick tomorrow,if i don't see an improvement i give up.

    Sorry but i had to vent.
    think of it this way: each time you play the game, you're in a street fight.

    there's a difference between a sports fight and street fight. in a sports fight, you get hit in the nuts and the referee can get a good look at that shit and call foul. you get kicked in the nuts in a street fight, there's no referees saying anything, there's just your nuts in pain while the guy is setting up his next attack. what you have to do to win is in the name of the game. they're doing some shit you don't like, you have to identify it and fight back or else you get victimized. do you wanna play Street Fighter where you actually have a chance to win or do you wanna play Victim?

    if you want to fight honorably in a street fight, that's your business. but you will occasionally run across opponents that go for a nutshot. hell, you'll run across players that bring a machinegun to the fight. here's what you need to understand: the game is your school of fighting vs your opponent's. you're using your knowledge of fighting to dominate whoever and whatever you come across. you may not want nutshots to be a part of your school of fighting, but they're a part of his. and if you don't like getting hit in the nuts, you need to start taking action to stop it. what action to take? I don't know. I don't know what cheap shit you have to deal with. you just have to experiment. the easiest way to become immune to something is to keep experiencing it. on that note, be wary of people who change their style because they don't want you to learn their tactics. some of the better players do that and it can be annoying as hell to make any progress when they do that.

    all that said, I'll give a few examples. when I first started playing the SF4 series, I noticed that there were lots of moments where I'd launch an attack and my char would be right in the instance of landing that attack and I'd get thrown mid motion. that shit infuriated me. what did I do about it? excluding jabs and close range attacks, I use all strikes at maximum distance and I'd be very prone to throwing whenever I saw them getting closer. that way, walking up and getting a free throw is impossible. I also played guys that liked to use all kinds of dropkick jabjabjab throw setup shit. this one was a little tricky because everyone did something different. some Ken players would shoryuken so trying to tech throws got me punished and led me right back into that trap, Akuma players would throw out a flurry of attacks and before I realized it he'd be right in the perfect position to throw an overhead, shoryuken, throw, or even just block, etc. everyone had their own flavor. what do I do about that? I avoid direct confrontation where I'm not the aggressor. I zone, I anti-air, I backdash, I dash forward and go for my own throw attempt to give me some distance from the corner so they can't just back me up there, I backdash if they throw 2 jabs, shit like that.
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    Alright, this thread is so hopelessly derailed there is no point saving it anymore.
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