Alpha Anthology *Capcom for the motherfucking WIN*



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    I dont know how to break up quotes....

    Hrmm X ism parry mode etc do bit more on normals even with the randomness of alpha one randomly doing more. And if you were to compare damage to alpha 2 its by quite a bit. And then you factor in damage buffer etc and the difference is deffintly there. As for specials, specials dont do that much that much more. And if you do damage buffer again then its not even a real matter. Supers do do more damage, damage buffer or not so.... yea thats only thing ill agree on. But yea dont forget to that alpha one characters are bigger so alpha 3 characters get bigger ground combos on them then they can get vs there own kind. And alpha one gets smaller ground combos.

    As for throws I dont really think alpha 1 etc have the advantage. There deffintly more even, alpha 3 range is much longer, again then the fact they can tech basicly all special throws as well(as well as damage buffer makeing them basicly do no damage to the point of 1 damage vs some). As for damage, acctualy if you look there pretty equal. Only some alpha one throws do more. But if you acctualy go and test them all quite a few of them do more damage and more damage on tech. And the ones that dont do the same amount more or less. Plus again they all have air throws as well. So basicly its against longer throw range/can tech everything/more damage, vs faster throw/some characters can follow up for more damage.

    As for wiff throws building meter, umm I dunno what dip switch settings are on or off. I just turned everything on or off whatever to make the game keep all the bugs it possibly could or whatever lol shrug. So if that means everything is on then thats what it is. Or something.. So yea which one is it so I can turn it on/off.

    A2 deffintly rapes gaurd meter. But A1 I dunno. Plus a lot of moves again cant hit a3 characters, so they can duck out of strings etc where normaly not possible. Plus they added that one thing for a3 characters that when you get gaurd broken now you dont even really lose any meter. Again I dunno how its done but ive seen this one multiple times. Gaurd meter is a disadvantage so I guess I cant argue to much....

    This next one just sounds like priorty difference. Which is basicly the only thing where alpha one is waaaaay diff then a3. The priorty difference they have vs them is radical. But to me its one of those things, a1 has way less to work with, while a3 is like way more to work with, with not as good as stuff. As for the cross up stuff, I dunno acctualy I find that alpha 3 characters can cross up from farther away then alpha 1 characters. Although alpha 3 characters themselves get crossed up easier.. Hrmm that doesnt make sence.. Hard to explain. I just guess the distance thing is different. I can be standing hella far away and jump in and cross up from much farther then with alpha 1. Only diff I will say is alpha 1 akuma and ryu cross up unblockable is easier to do vs alpha 3 shrug.

    As for dizzying I mean alpha 1 vs alpha 1 dizzy to alpha 1 vs alpha 3. Alpha 3 are smaller so harder to get bigger combos vs them to dizzy them. Then when there dizzy they go up 10 points(I think it was) instead of 5 points like alpha 1. So characters that dizzy a shit load like guy and ryu cant redizzy as easily or land those dizzy combos as easily.


    Phew... anyway yea how do you turn on that throw thing then which one is it? Though even then.. if that is the case.. why have I gotten it to work since then randomly. Only time I ever messed with the dipswitch settings is when I first got the game to make sure every bugish thing was on and working. Weird...

    Also dont forget thats just alpha 3 in general, theres still the parry and darkstalker groove that all have there own advantages. lol id list championship but of course its broken, and besides shin m.bison I think in general that boss groove is pretty shitty. Only new disadvantage that the seekrit grooves get is if you super durning another super freeze the game takes away all your meter. Which is well pretty random and dum. But anyway....
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    Damage buffer is nice, but it's not realistic to damage reduce EVERY move. It's just not going to happen.

    I mean, the 1st hit of A1 ken's DP does more than a complete 3 hit A3 DP.

    How does alpha one have smaller ground combos?? It has chains..... ? What does A3 get, short short fireball? It may be smaller than "true" A1, but they have confirmable chains, and can connect their supers from MUCH farther away in combos than A3. So you're going to be doing more damage+stun when you get an openning, with or without meter (exception being some throws, blue-ism canels, and VCs... if they'll work at all :looney:)

    Just compare meter usage. Anything non-VC, A1 wins easily.

    You speak of redizzy combo, but A3 doesn't even have DIZZY combos lol.

    I just think A3 is pretty obviously the underdog in this game. For the most part everything just works better for the A1/2 guys IMO. A3 does have it's share of gimmicks and tricks tho, so I'm not saying it's a free win or anything at all.

    As for the switches... I never turned any on to begin with? I dunno. lol
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    Yea I know not every move but even a few moves durning a chain or combo can make a big difference.

    Plus acctualy remember not all characters are some chain combo machines but beacuse they can chain combo. A1 ryu doesnt even really do chain combos alot as main combos. Main good combo for a1 ryu might be something just like duck lkX3/4 to fierce fireball.. Doesnt do very much damage, but its fills up like half a dizzy pretty easily. And your in good position for mix ups etc. So yea not every character is guy who is doing some big chain combos. And I deffintly think A3 being smaller matters durning combos. Even if it only takes away a one little attack durning a combo that is at least something or a1 loses a poke or 2 that cant hit them ducking I think that deffintly changes somethings. A lot of guys combos I know dont work on a3 ducking, and he has to let go of hits to make his combos work. So he loses quite a bit of damage right there.

    I dunno I havnt played game in awhile, but im sure if I tested if you did some bread and butter type combos compareing a1 to a3 version I dont think youd see that big of a difference, of course with supers yea... But just regular ol' combos I dun think so.

    Anyway yea A3 isnt as good as a1. But I think a1 is heavily overrated. I really think P groove and darkstalker groove are pretty good, and they have enough gimmicks and options to level the playing field more against a1s priorty. Also I guess if that throw thing is real when you change the stars somehow that deffintly makes P groove better. Another way to build more meter faster, and there really safe with meter so.. shrug
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    So hopefully I'll have a TV to play HSFA tomorrow. What I hope to have before the end of next week is a list of every (well, some; I might need some help.) character's standard VCs, marking which ones do and do not work. I'm aware that the VC2/3 shadow hit set-ups are very hard to do (impossible?), but there's not a whole slew of information regarding the VC1 shadow hit set-ups. And perhaps if I have the time; for the character's whose VC don't work as the normally do, alternative A1/A2-only(?) could be listed. Or this could be an on-going thing. Similar to the updates dialupsucky has been providing us with.

    BKB, I'm looking in your direction. =).
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    Anyway yea A3 isnt as good as a1. But I think a1 is heavily overrated. I really think P groove and darkstalker groove are pretty good, and they have enough gimmicks and options to level the playing field more against a1s priorty. Also I guess if that throw thing is real when you change the stars somehow that deffintly makes P groove better. Another way to build more meter faster, and there really safe with meter so.. shrug

    Blue and Green -ism are sweet and render X-ism and A-ism obsolete IMO. Parry just might be the best thing in the game...

    As for c.short x3 into FB with A1-Ryu... That is actually better than any bread and butter combo A3-Ryu has. I can't think of many who actually have better ones in A3..... umm... Rolento.... Bison... Sim.. Gen? Almost all A2 characters lol

    middlekick: As a Juni player, I know her midscreen doesn't work on pre-A3. Do you know an alternative? :sad: She can't even cross them up for some reason?

    Off the top of my head, Charlie, Fei, Ken Juni/Cammy have difficulty performing midscreen VCs. Some work but it's real iffy.

    With rolento I can't seem to get the shadows to hit during the jump strong series at the end of the VC, which sucks and flubs it up. I also couldn't get anti-air sweep VC to work against A1.
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    BKB: actually, I don't play Juni, so I know very little about her VCs. Though I posted earlier about having trouble with Cammy's VC; that darn Arrow whiffing.

    Tried with V-Birdie and most of the midscreen (Strong BH x N) stuff still works (yeah!), but the corner juggles (B+Fierce-> whiffed Jab BH x N) seem harder to time.

    Also of note; Birdie's crouching Strong-> crouching Roundhouse-> whiffed Strong Bull Head-> OTG-> Bandit Chain-> whiffed Fierce Bull Head-> is now inescapable for the A2/G characters. Though OTG-ing the A2 characters seems harder than in A3/against the A3 guys.

    An air to air counter hit still allows for the infinite.
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    VCs against pre-A3


    The corner-only Cannon Spike x N-> Fierce-> Hooligan still works.

    Mid-screen variation. Tested against A2 Adon.

    VC3: Roundhouse Cannon Spike-> far Standing Strong-> whiffed Short Spiral Arrow-> standing Jab-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike-> [far standing Strong-> whiffed Short/Forward Spiral Arrow-> far standing Fierce-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike] x N

    For an anti-air start, use far Standing Fierce-> Roundhouse Cannon Spike-> far standing Strong etc.

    Was able to land VC1 Cannon Spike x N-> whiffed far standing Short-> shadow hits-> jump to CC series.
    Speaking of shadow hits; some seem a lot easier to do than in A3 (Cody's VC1 whiffed crouching Strong) and some seem to be removed completely (Sodom's standing Strong and Forward set-ups).

    Cody's midscreen VC still works: VC2 Forward Ruffian-> [T+Roundhouse-> whiffed Forward Ruffian-> standing Fierce-> whiffed Forward Ruffian], as does his corner variation.

    Easy infinite set-up for Cody (against the A2 guys): VC1 [standing Fierce-> whiffed Jab Criminal] -> whiffed crouching Strong-> jump to infinite.

    Birdie, too. VC1 [Jab BH-> whiffed standing Strong] x n -> whiffed crouching Strong-> jump to infinite.

    Chun's anti-air VC1 crouching Roundhouse-> whiffed standing Short no longer works, but replacing the Short with her standing Strong allows you to jump with an attack (I used Fierce). However, I could not CC into a second jump attack, but I could land into a RH TSK and it would connect. Her corner, anti-air crouching Roundhouse x N combo is not possible against pre-A3?

    Didn't have any trouble with Charlie's VCs

    Akuma's VC1 variation worked fine. The Strong DP-> B+RH-> DF seem to work, provided you use fireballs instead of Fierces.
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    Juni doesn't have far standing strong. :sad:

    I'm also surprised you didn't have truoble with charlie. It's definitely not the same. Have you tried it against a crossup? It works I know, but it's much tighter than in A3.

    Have you figured out V-Ryu's hopkick x hurricane setup? If you get 2 hits, it can work.. but not always. I think it's the have-to-hit-them-right-after-another-hit thing?

    I'm glad Cody's works. He seems pretty fucked in this game.
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    is it possible, v-ism combo with Ryu in the corner if you can combo hadoukens over and over with foward medium hop kick? I've been trying it for a little while and I assume i just can't get the timing.

    hadouken-hopkick-hadou-hopkick-hadou etc.
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    ^ it works. Activate with jab+short.

    I find it easier without the hopkick personally.
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    it's definitely more difficult with the hopkick, but i'm pretty sure once the damage is scaled down, you get more damage with the hopkick in there simply because you're hitting more often. even more with fireball, cr. forward, fireball, hopkick, i think.
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    Dunno if old or not, but is it known that for some reason rolento doesnt gain meter when he first does the flip back 3 punchs move(always gains meter of course if you do the ball hit thing after words but anyway...), but if you keep doing the move over and over it does build meter.... Pretty random...

    Also just to say that one site I posted about awhile ago is still updateing with bugs that werent in orginal game but are now in and vise versa so.. ummmm check it out or something if your bored.
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    Bump.. That is I guess if I had to bump.... since there arent many topics.... hrmmmm.....

    Anyway since I havnt posted in awhile heres a list of all the "new" throw breaks in the game since people well dont seem to know them all or something. Also note might not be perfect since I dont know it for everyone since I cant play the game shrug.

    Hp throw you can combo after hit or tech. Knee bash throw you cant combo after anything. Air throw you can only combo after if they tech.

    You can combo after both hit and tech. Though its somewhat character specific.

    Chun li...
    Regular throw SHE can be comboed if you tech it. Her air throw YOU can combo them if they tech it.

    Hp throw you can combo after if they tech or not. HK throw no combos...

    Knee bash throw you can combo after on tech or not. Hp and air throw no combos..

    All her ground and air throws punch or kick she can be comboed after if you tech. None of her throws allow you to combo after them.

    Sodom(a2 is still the same even though you throw diff)....
    Combo on tech or not. Though note in a2 I belive his kick throw does 1 point of damage to a3 type characters if they tech it. IIRC.

    it seems you should be able to combo after his bomb throw... But I dunno if rolento has anything that juggles liek that....

    no combos on his throws hit or tech. Also note birdie is one of the few characters that they kept it so he cant bash throw in any direction. Where as most characters guy etc can now choose to unlike the normal games shrug.

    He can combo after all his throw air or ground on hit or tech. Also air thow to combo also works mid screen vs some characters.

    On tech sakura can be comboed after both her throws...

    Can combo after her throw hit or tech, though its character specific.

    Can combo after his throw on tech, nothing for a2 bison on his air throw hit or tech.

    On tech both his throws are punishable. though punch one he usualy throws far away so....

    Only can combo after noogie... Though you can combo on hit or tech...

    Can combo after penis pump bash on hit or tech.

    Hrmm been awhile but im pretty sure you can combo after his throw hit or tech to since its basicly just ryus... But I cant remember off the top of my head.

    I think thats it for the diff throws.....
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    I still want a Xbox release
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    Quick question, for A3 or any of the other training modes, can you select the stage?? I get sick of playing one stage on training. I'm up to page 45 of this thread and haven't seen anything about that so....
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    I just got this game on Monday, I like the games on it..But why didn't Capcom just port the Saturn version or even the Dreamcast A3..They had to port the weak version from the PS1
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    Apparently, Capcom is re releasing this game, maybe it's arcade perfect this time?



    Doh, I guess it's just like a "greatest hits" version.
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    maybe it's arcade perfect this time?
    Hey, man. Alpha Collection IS Arcade perfect. What do you want more??
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    Actually you can mess with the settings to make it arcade perfect im to lazy to type it all down but it can be done.
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    well, for one, it's in japanese, a langauge i would venture to guess that the majority of posters here are not fluent in. secondly, with regards to sfa3; do you actually know what is being said in your link? that would certainly clear up a lot of this toing and froing. now as far as i understand it, after reading that page ages ago, the ps2 port of sfa3 is faithful to the arcade save a few things: the juni/x-sodom reset bug; guy's kattobi, claw's super izuna drop command, and the inclusion -- but completely removable via the dips -- of the mika/juni knock-down bug.
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    We've gone over this. I can't believe you're still trolling.

    According to the page you yourself linked to, everything in the arcade is also present in the console version with the exception of a few game crashing bugs that were removed, and a few minor aesthetic things:

    1) KO sound effect (death cry) for Karin's air punch throw acts different (aesthetic, changed in console).
    2) V-Dictator VC that includes teleport doesn't cause the visual glitch "milk vega/bison" (aesthetic, removed in console).
    3) Dan VC, you can cancel his 214+taunt into other attacks. In the arcade it can be canceled early (removed in console).
    4) Sodom vs Juni throw game crash glitch (game crash removed in console).
    5) Rolento air down+MK after KO game crash glitch (game crash removed in console).
    6) Rolento and Guy kattobi cancel, permanent air suspension via kara-VC (removed in console).

    Those are the only ones listed and none of them effect actual tournament play. Everything else is covered by the dipswitches. Setting the dipswitches correctly makes the PS2 SFAA version of SFA3 ARCADE PERFECT.
    Let's play.
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    so basicly its nto arcade perfect is it then jack ass? Also theres more then just a3 listed there. Yawn.... *walks back out*
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    Yes, it is.

    Of the six things listed two of them are only aesthetic differences and have no baring on actual play. Two more of them crash the game, and were fixed (game crashing bugs are banned, so fixing them changes nothing). Rolento and Guy's kattobi cancels being removed doesn't effect anything since you would never really want to use them for any reason.

    That literally leaves one single difference that applies to one single character, and only during VC mode. Dan has solid AA/midscreen/corner VC variations outside of qcb+taunt cancel so it doesn't even effect any of his VCs. Are you seriously going to troll over one minor difference in V-Dan that only applies during VC mode and does not effect his VC's? It's Dan for crying out loud.

    Now, regarding A1 and A2, we've gone over that as well. I don't care if you say either of those games are imperfect or whatever, but stop saying A3 is imperfect and stop saying "they". You lump all three games together and it's misleading and untrue. Get your facts strait, be specific, clarify. Simply saying "The games arent perfect" is a far cry from saying SFA3 is 99% perfect (which it is).

    For all intents and purposes the game is arcade perfect, unless you happen to main V-Dan and specifically rely on that cancel for whatever reason (which no one does/should). But for the rest of us, it's perfect.
    Let's play.
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    Reasoning doesn't work with this idiot.

    Don't bother.

    I like how he constantly spams the livedoor link but never posts an inkling to what any of it says :lol:.
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    And why would I bother translateing all that text for losers like the great rock lee?

    Yea exactly...

    And the comment was that the collection is perfect. Its not, you just said its not. You say it has nothing to do with acctualy gameplay, but tha tdoesnt change the fact that its not arcade perfect. So stop spreading this false info.

    Oh and theres also some input delay.. I didnt think it was true at first. But TS said as well. And I tried some stuff before and I also belive it might be true as well. Cant say for 100% sure though... Supposedly though the japanese version is fine shrug.,
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    And why would I bother translateing all that text for losers like the great rock lee?


    Funny thing is I was the one that translated it for you in your defense when you were again spamming it on GFaq SFAA boards but couldn't give the even a clue as to what was written when you where asked multiple times to do so by others.

    Here you are again doing the same shit. You seem to like doing that. I suppose you'll be telling us how A1 Guy isn't broken for your next trick, right? That's your other trademark post...

    Shit, hope I didn't spoil the suprise. :lol:

    Anyway like I said at GF's and xenozip is saying here the game is 99.9% perfect. The only things that are relevant if they can even be called that are:

    A3 doesn't have guy and rolento kattobi's, or the dan's qcb+start cancel VC which nobody uses anyway.

    A1 didn't give a pixel of meter for mediums during soul illusion iirc.

    A2 had nothing of note wrong with it.

    Yeah, real imperfect :rolleyes:

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    stop the hate. :)
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