Northeast Texas (Tyler/Longview/Marshall) - We keep it Piney!

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I think it's well overdue, Tyler has had it's own thread for a while but I feel an expansion has been long since needed.

Tentative Meeting List:

TSTC Marshall - bi-monthly (2nd and last Thursdays of every month). PM mikeohara for more information. - This starts September 14th.



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    Any one interested in persona?
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    I have Persona with me, but I'm not at home. I'm at my father-in-laws atm and my game consoles are at my mother's. They're coming with me up here when I take my semester break up here next week.
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    I'm in Shreveport... anyone like ST?
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    Sup Parry, how you been? I think I'm probably the only one here in the area who likes ST. Anywho, this thread didn't take off ... post in the Tyler thread, as everything regarding the Fight Club we have goes in there.
    I'm in Shreveport... anyone like ST?

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