Sony Playstation All Stars: Battle Royale Comment Thread



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    I wanted to play with the PATAPONs warriors
    I hope they will be available in the game.
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    im dying for this game!! I look at my 12 games that i have and i dont play them anymore in wait for this game.THERE IS NO GAME I WOULD RATHER PLAY. if u give me a code ill do this again but worse jumo over my 34 inch tv i need this beta please !!!!!!!!!!!!
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    This game looks so amazing, I'm really looking forward to play online with the community, it will be a blast :D
    One of my favorite characters so far is Nathan Drake, his level 3 super is a great tribute to Uncharted 1, great stuff :)
    I'm hoping to see more from this game in the suture :D
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    PSASBR is an all in one nostalgia for all the Playstation fans out there. Epicness is about to happen. Who hasn't imagined this kind of a game to come?
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    PS allstars is the game I have been waiting years for. Smash brothers needed direct competition and now Sony is bringing so many of my favorite characters like nathan drake, cole, and sly cooper together. Ever since I got a playstation in 2009 and bought uncharted 2 I have fallen in love with their characters. I cannot wait to play this game. Kratos vs sackboy is all I need.
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    I have been playing PlayStation games for all my life, and now hearing the announcement of PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is like a dream come true. I have been waiting and wishing for a PlayStation characters crossover game or a long time, than when I saw that awesome PlayStation "Micheal" commercial I knew they were making it, and they were hinting it. I really want to try out the beta, and get it so I can show my Super Smash Bros friends that it is indeed better.
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    First, I Want say to superbot, Congratulations for having created so much joy and satisfaction on "Playstation All-stars Battle Royale" at E3 and Comic-con.

    Many people say the game is copied from Super Smash Bros...
    I'm sure the games will be better with more moves are possible,
    and fun.
    I feel that internships are very enjoyable, I'd really like to play this beta, to be sure.
    Shoryuken.com thank you to offer us the opportunity to obtain beta code =)
    Edit: Of course I participate, I would of all my heart get a beta code ^_^
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    I'm not going to bullshit with some over hyper fanboy stuff.

    I want a code because I want to see if this game is any good or not, plain and simple.

    If its good and fun i'll buy it, if it isn't, fuck it.
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    I generally go for the grapplers, or just high damage characters.
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    It looks like an amazing game all together. I'm a huge fan of smash bros, so that's one thing to look forward to. I'm also looking forward to playing as sly cooper and ratchet, love both of the series. And, it's not huge, but the stages look amazing, and i'm looking forward to playing on them. But all stars looks like a very promising game and it's one to keep an eye on.
  • simon_simon_ Joined: Posts: 269Registered
    I never really understood the closed beta thing

    its like saying to the company "hey, I'm interested in your game and would like to try it. I'll even help you find bugs & glitches" and they answer "nah bro, you're not VIP enough"
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  • BecasicanBecasican Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    What are you looking forward to most in SPAS: BR?
    What do you love about the game so far?
    I'm looking forward to trying out all the different characters and hopefully become a master lol. Wat I love about the game so far is that they added parappa the rapper to the ljst(: he is my favorite. I played him when it first came out.
  • BecasicanBecasican Joined: Posts: 2Registered
    I'm looking forward to play all the characters especially my childhood game character PaRappa(: I love everything about the game! Wat is not to like? Oh maybe the ppl that hate this game lol
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    What am I looking forward to about this game? Basically, the FUN. I really enjoy free for all types of games. Chaos everywhere in the screen. The RANDOMNESS... Anything can happen..Everything is really great about these kinds of games.. The type of game you would be playing for the next couple of years with your family and friends. PLUS, it never ends with the gameplay; the game has the nostalgic characters from our PS1 to PS3. How great is that? Many of us grew up with the playstation console. It's really nice to see you're favorite childhood game heroes/villains go face to face. Personally, I don't have a specific answer to the second question: What do you love about the game.. But if i had to choose, it would be the comboes. Not all free for all games like this support comboes. Not to mention this is the first free for all game that had 3 levels of super. (well, that i know..And i was like wow.. The moment I saw the title of this game, I was already sold. Kudoes to this game.
  • Violent RyoViolent Ryo Mistuurrr KaraTEH! Joined: Posts: 375Registered
    This game actually looks good, i was already stole with Kratos in a 2D style game but damn...Ryu Hayabusa?!?! PLZ YES!

    Now where is Klonoa? waHOO

    PS: would love to play the BETA!!
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    Having a blast with this so far. Here is some info from my play time.

    Each directional input, other than the direction your character isn't facing, is a different move. So you have 9 attacks per character, maybe more. I'm not sure if aerial moves are different under certain circumstances.

    I have been using Radec of Killzone fame. I think he could be classified as a zoner? A lot of his moves involve a projectile of sorts be it a gun, or thrown shock grenade. He has a pistol, shotgun, sniper rifle, flame thrower, a shock grenade, a standard grenade, and a knife. Most of his gunshots will knock the enemy player back at varying distances. Mostly seem like combo enders as some of the moves have a short range. I think only his sniper shot travels full screen.

    Shock grenade is pretty cool. Useful for traps and anti airs. You toss it out and it stays in the air for a moment. If an enemy player touches it, they are electrocuted and locked in place for a second, giving you time to jump in and slap their shit around. However, I don't know any combos because I don't know how I'm doing moves half the time. However I usually just shock, fire a burst from the machine gun, and shotgun/pistol them across the screen away from me. Set up traps with the shock nade as they come back in.

    Down+Square makes Radec drop a grenade, and teleport back a couple of feet. Useful to dodge and set a trap at the same time. Jump forward, and teleport back throws people off. The blast doesn't knock them too far off, so you can hit them with a gun shot on the way down from your teleport.

    Kratos is an asshole and has stupid good range. Everybody is using Kratos.

    I need to get off work and go play more of this!!!
  • Master ChibiMaster Chibi .: Dynamites! :. Joined: Posts: 14,913Registered, Moderators
    Actually Circle (sticky grenade) is also full screen and wonderfully annoying.

  • Musashi the MasterMusashi the Master Master of the Samurai Blade Joined: Posts: 3Registered
    @SaitoKojima After hearing the negative respones about this game from Gamefaqs, I say it's a bad ripoff of Super Smash Bros. Smash Bros will always be better than this Smash Bros clone...
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    Hello ALL,

    I am IKARI263 one of the beta code receivers for the game and I'd like to offer some advice/changes that I feel would benefit the game. IF you have a beta key as well feel free to chime in on your input. Due to my work schedule i can only review about 1 character per day so bear with me on that. But lets jump right in.

    About the Game in General:
    +Text is Very Readable
    +Music is Fitting and Well Done
    +Stage Hazards dont really hurt you (the exception being the BUZZ! stage)
    +No ring outs
    +Combo System has lots of potential
    +Each Button has 3 different move options (up+A1, left+A1, down+A1, etc)
    +No character feels even remotely close to another, great variety
    +Very User Friendly UI

    -Hits dont sound hard enough (yes I am aware that this is being addressed)
    -Camera seems to zoom out a bit too far at times, reducing the size of characters which causes misplacement at times
    -Currently, scoring feels random. It Seems like the 4 characters on screen just beat the shit out of each other and then a winner is picked as opposed to being able to tell who is currently in the lead
    -No way to accurately determine score IN BATTLE

    At Some point tomorrow I will begin reviewing characters: Strength/Weaknesses/What should be buffed/nerfed
    I'll start with Parappa.
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  • IKARI263IKARI263 Joined: Posts: 51Registered
    Hey Guys I'm back to offer some insight on PaRappa the rapper.

    Ive played a few matches and parappa has a few things going for him. His Rushdown is just insane i mean the priority and the meter gained from attacks with him is ridiculous. Not only that but PaRappa has a move which allows him to basically generate free meter without having to hit an opponent. Not to Mention his level 2 is controllable AND invincible.

    PaRappa the Rapper:
    +Insane Rushdown Game
    +Meter Generating move (fightless meter gain)
    +His 1000 Kicks, and BackHand moves generate a TON of meter very fast
    +His Throws allow for more meter gaining shenanigans and positional advantage
    +Level 3 in unblockable and covers the entire screen

    -This Dood has 0 range, you practically have to french kiss the opponent to do damage
    -Level 1 Super is laughable at best
    -A Bit on the Floaty side which allows for some PaRappa only combos
    -Easy Bait for characters with even the SLIGHTEST bit of rang i.e. Kratos/Radec

    #Trade some meter gain for range seriously, Slow down the meter gain from his rapid attacks and add some range to his other normals
    #Make his level 3 only affect a certain area
    #Give him some sort of ranged move that allows him to approach
    Thats it for PaRappa.

    If you don't like a good fighting game, chance are you suck at it or its SF4.
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    Reveal trailers for Sackboy, Dante, Spike and R&C
  • MendisMendis Joined: Posts: 236Registered
    Can we call this game "Sony Smash Brothers"?
  • factory9factory9 ARCANA HEARTO TWEEEE Joined: Posts: 928Registered
    Can we call this game "Sony Smash Brothers"?
    But that would imply it plays anything like Smash, which is absolutely not the case by any means.
  • MendisMendis Joined: Posts: 236Registered
    But that would imply it plays anything like Smash, which is absolutely not the case by any means.

    Man, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it is as duck.

    The only thing Sony did different with the game is taking away the percentages mechanics, which ... are the best feature in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, since it adds a lot more tension to the game and you try to play better and not gather too many %.
    Getting hit and giving the opponent meter for easy kills ... meh, it just looks like you could care less, even though it's not good for business as well.
  • Cannonspike1994Cannonspike1994 Joined: Posts: 311Registered
    Lara Motherfucking Croft needs to be in this game.
    I used to play tekken but now im a street fighter player.
  • factory9factory9 ARCANA HEARTO TWEEEE Joined: Posts: 928Registered
    Man, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then it is as duck.

    The only thing Sony did different with the game is taking away the percentages mechanics, which ... are the best feature in the Super Smash Bros. franchise, since it adds a lot more tension to the game and you try to play better and not gather too many %.
    Getting hit and giving the opponent meter for easy kills ... meh, it just looks like you could care less, even though it's not good for business as well.

    well our duck here only kind of looks like a duck

    Definitely doesn't walk or sound like a duck though. Besides the obvious:

    -button layouts are different IIRC
    -combos work more like traditional fighters with the lack of DI mechanics
    -blocking instead of shields
    -no airdodges of any kind
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    Why are people still posting in this thread? The contest is over and there's an actual PASBR thread up with actual discussion.
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    I like that this game because It mainly has mainly sony characters which I believe are better than nintendo characters. I like the fact that there are 2nd and 3rd level specials unlike nintendo's where there's only one, though I am expecting some type of ring outs on some of the boards maybe. I would love to get a code for this game as I have been waiting for a couple of years for something like this to happen. thanks for reading this and I hope to hear from you guys soon.
  • Rhio2kRhio2k Senior Member Joined: Posts: 8,392Registered
    -combos work more like traditional fighters with the lack of DI mechanics

    That's what I like about this game. At first I was thinking "Damn, this is just Smash with Sony characters". But then I saw that these characters have actual 1 vs 1 fighter-style combos instead of just button mashes and omni-directional specials. This game is looking hella attractive. I can't wait to see how well TTT2 Heihachi (and Jin, if the leak list was correct) transitions to this game.
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    Im looking forward to dante, and another platforming fighter as a whole. I already love the cast as well as some of the throwback supers. Hoping to see this game at evo!
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