my ken..

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ok, i main akuma.. ken is my second best. I was wondering wtf happened in this match.. imo i played really well. maybe too much parry? when i mess up with akuma its really easy to see what went wrong but when i play ken its harder to see because im not that good with him.


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    Taunt, dash, Hp srk xx SA3...
    Anyway. With all your parry fishing, you should be thrown to death.
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    Your opponent got wise to your parry fishing. You had a number of missed damage oportunities too (not doing srk or sa3 after mp hp chain). Try and use meaties more, if they parry then srk. If they don't, then either walk up throw or cr mp confirm.
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    You got clutched because you got overconfident and started doing stupid shit instead of staying solid. Stay free.
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    Dude, parrying so much is suicidal. if it works and suddenly stops to work, dont try to do it.
    Try to play more solid instead of guessing and ending in a situation where you're totally fucked.
    Less throw whiffing, you'll get punished heavily for throw whiffing by pro players sometimes. Ken hadoken isnt that good, its punishable on block as you already know I guess.Learn to maximize your damage output
    The Ryu earned that game.

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    vandark, you should hear a cool pherai story from me one day then. Add it to all your history. I'll probably remember it closer to EVO time and just retell it to the forum when I'm probably going to re-tell some more anyway. Its not the glory hole one though, that one's too legendary. You probably know more about that than me.
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