EAT CHAIN!!! -The Ghost Rider Combo/Strategy Thread

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The other thread was locked and i PM'd a few mods and I got an Ok so here it is =D

This Thread for the time being with be where Ghost Rider's Combos, Strategy (Matchups, setups, Tricks etc), and Basic info will be compiled (and discussed).
when there's enough information and experience with him this'll be updated to be a one-stop for everything Ghost Rider related.


:l: - Light Attack
:m: - Medium Attack
:h: - Heavy Attack
:s: - Special Button/Launch
:a1: - Assist Button 1
:a2: - Assist Button 2
:atk::atk: - Any Two Attack Buttons
:qcf:- Quarter Circle Forward Motion
:qcb:- Quarter Circle Back Motion
:dp: - Dragon Punch Motion
:hcb:- Half Circle Back Motion
(Air) - Performable While Airborne
(Low) - This Move Must Be Blocked Low
(High) - This Move Must be Blocked High
(OTG) - This Move Hits Prone Opponents
(Mid) - This Combo Requires A Mid-Screen Opponent
(Corner) - This Combo Requires A Cornered Opponent
(Assist) - This Combo Requires An Assist
(Reset) - This Combo Requires A Reset
(XF1) - X-Factor Level 1 Damage Levels
(XF2) - X-Factor Level 2 Damage Levels
(XF3) - X-Factor Level 3 Damage Levels
c. - Crouching
s. - Standing
j. - Airborne
sj. - Airborne Via Superjump
(XFC) - X-Factor Cancel
(DHC) - Delayed Hyper Cancel


Basic Combos:

[623,900k | 1 meter]
s.:h::h:xx :dp::l:, (dash) s.:h::h:xx :qcb::l:, OTG :qcf::l: (2 hits)xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[633,900k | 1 meter]
s.:h::h:xx:dp::l:, (Dash) s.:h::h: (delay) :s:sj.:m::m::s:, (dash) OTG :qcf::l: (2 hits)xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[524,500k | 1 meter]
c.:l::m::s: sj.:m::m::s:, (dash) OTG :qcf::l: (2 hits)xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[332,900k | 1 meter]
Back Throw, OTG :dp::atk::atk: (10 hits)~ :s:

[599,500k | 1 meter | Airborne opponent]
j.:m::s: s.:m:xx :dp::l:, (dash) s.:h::h: (delay) :s: sj.:m::m::s:, (dash) OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[982,400k | 4 meters]
:hcb::atk::atk:, s.:h::h:xx :dp::l:. (dash) s.:h::h: (delay):s: sj.:m::m::s:, (dash) OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[?????? | 4 meters | By CSword123]
:hcb::atk::atk:, s.:h::h:xx :dp:+:m:, (dash) s.:h::h: (delay):s: sj.:m::m::s:, OTG :dp::atk::atk:

Position-Based Combos:

[309,300k | 1 meter | Corner only]
Front or Front airthrow, OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk:atk:

[????? | 1 meter | Corner Only | By CSword123]
j.:s: s.:h::h:xx :dp::l:, j.:m::m::s: s.:m::s: sj.:m::m::s:, OTG:qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

Assist-Based Combos:

[629,800k | 1 meter]
j.:s:+:a1: s.:h::h:xx :dp::l:, (dash) s.:h::h: (delay) :s: sj.:m::m::s:, (dash) OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[670,000k | 1 meter | +Dante Jam session | By M C R]
j.:s: s.:h::h:xx :f::d::df::l:, (dash) s.:h::h: (delay):s: sj.:m::m::s:, OTG :a1:+:b::h:, :d::db::b::m:, OTG :f::d::df::atk::atk: (10 hits)~ :s: followup

[672,000k | 1 meter | +Doom Molecular Shield | By No_Cigar]
s.:h::h:xx :dp::l:, (dash) s.:h:+:a1: :h:xx :qcb::h:,(missiles OTG) [dash] s.:h::h:xx :qcb::h:, (dash or kara) :dp::atk::atk: ~:s:

[?????? | 1 meter | +Magneto Disruptor +Doom Hidden Missiles | By ShadyK]
j.:s:+:a1: s.:h::h:xx :dp::l:, (dash) s.:h::h:+:a2:xx :qcb:h: (missiles OTG) s.:h::h:xx :qcb::h:, :dp::atk::atk: ~:s:

[??????| 2 meters| +Doom Hidden Missiles | Corner Only | By ShadyK]
s.:h::h:xx :dp::l: j.:m::s: S j.:m::m::s:, :a1: OTG :dp::atk::atk: ~:s: (Missiles hit) :qcb::m:, OTG :dp::atk::atk: ~:h:

[612,300k | 1 meter | +Thor Mighty Smash | Corner Only | By DrkD23]
:a1:+s.:h::h:xx :dp::m:(delay) :s: sj.:m::m::s:, OTG :qcf::l:xx:qcf::atk::atk:

[635,300k | 1 meter | +Dormammu Dark Hole | By thxyoutoo]
s.:h::h:xx :dp::l: s.:h::h:xx :qcb::l:, OTG :qcf::l:+:a1: :qcb::l:, OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[???? | 1 meter | +Raccoon Log Trap +Dormammu Dark Hole | Near Corner | By tomo009]
s.:h::h:xx :dp::l: :a1: s.:h::h: (Log Hits) s.:h::h:xx :qcb::l:, :a2:+ OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

X-Factor-Based Combos:

[986.100k~ 1.23M | 1 meter | XF1~3]
s.:h::h: [XFC] s.:h::h:xx :dp::l:, (dash) s.:h::h: (delay):s: sj.:m::m::s:, (dash) OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[1.05M | 1 meter | XF1 | By Duskbringer]
:h::h:xx :qcb::l:, OTG:b::h: [XFC] j.:m::s: s.:h::h:xx :dp::b: (dash) s.:h::h: (delay) :s: sj.:b::s:, OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk:

[1.08M | 2 Meters | +Dormammu Dark Hole | XF1 | By thxyoutoo]
s.:h::h:xx :dp::l: [XFC] s.:h::h:xx :qcb::l, :a1:+ OTG :qcf::l: :qcb::l:, OTG :qcf::l:xx :qcf::atk::atk: DHC :qcf::atk::atk:


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